This was a wonderful book. I love anything Highlander, and this story didn’t disappoint. Ian MacLean is a tortured soul, after being imprisioned by demons for 66 years, he has comes to live in the present and left his family and his true time, in the past.

Everything is perfect from the outside looking in, Ian is rich, modern and arrogant. He uses women for sex, gets what he wants and has the money to buy what ever he doesn’t take.

There is one thing he can’t or doesn’t have, Samantha Rose.
She is a Slayer, a Rose woman and everything about her fasinates him. He wants her and she knows it.
Everything about Ian MacLean just pisses Sam off. He has humiliated her, mocked her and even paraded himself around her knowing his effect on her, telling her that she will eventually be his.
Fate or circumstances has brought them together, making them have to work together, no less. God help her! But working so closely, Sam soon learns that Ian is not what she thinks, he is not the man she detests. And Ian finds that Sam is more then a facination, lust or desire…she is the one that could save him.

This is a great journey, and well worth every moment and every turn of the page.
A great read.