Men Times ThreeMen Times Three by Bonnie Edwards

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Wow, this was a great book! I’m not a huge fan of erotica because I always feel plot goes by the wayside for sex.

This book is not like that.

The plot is much more intricate than I’d imagined. The book is divided up into three sections, each one titled with the brother who gets the most page time. But that’s what is so cool about this book: I expected to see each section being a short about each brother and his woman, and maybe we’d see a similar theme through the three sections. It was waaay cooler than that! There were no nice tidy HEAs at the end of each section. Bonnie Edwards wove six stories into an entire novel without the easy way out of making it 3 short stories. It was so well-done.

We see Marnie and Holly, cousins and bffs, who inherit an Inn and some property out near Seattle. But their old crotchety granddad threw in a twist-they had a cousin they’d never met, and wily ol’ granddad added her into the inheritance too. Kylie was the result of a drunken frat party and her grandfather never forgave her mother, so she was more than surprised to see herself included in this family’s drama. so all beginning with Marnie, we see them each make their way to the Inn.

Marnie owns a club and wants to sell the property to buy out her lazy partner. Holly wants to stay at least for a while, and Kylie wants to put down roots. Therein begins the true plot and all its twists and turns. Holly has a psycho ex-husband, Kylie is still unsure of her place in this family, and Marnie is a city girl with no reason to stay in the middle of the woods running an inn.

Now, don’t forget, this is an erotica novel. We had a threesome with Marnie’s idiot partner and two chicks from the club within the first 10 pages and let me tell you that even though I didn’t like him, I was clenching my legs together it was so hot.

That wasn’t even a main character!

By the time we see Holly she’s in dire need of sex, and she finds the right brother! Deke and she are all over each other in minutes! And hot, hot HOT! Wow!

Meanwhile I was well into Deke’s section and Marnie was still teasing poor TJ. I can’t believe how long I had to wait for my favorite O’Banion brother to get some!

And Eli and Kylie were a fun couple who wanted each other and had hot, steamy, sex, but couldn’t be in the same room without fighting or sniping at each other. At one point they made a deal that neither could talk to each other at all during the day, but had to be naked by dinner! *grin* I was cracking up.

In one scene, the brothers were doing their lumberjack routine, and all were shirtless, had jeans, hard hats and tool belts, and each woman just drooled over her man in a tool belt. It was great to see that incorporated into the sex play, but also having the men have no clue what got their women all hot and bothered!

Bonnie Edwards has created an incredibly intricate novel that has 6 main characters, but the viewpoint shifts are smooth and the transition from each brother’s section flowed. I never once was annoyed with extraneous points of view, and Bonnie has quite the witty sense of humor. I find it hard to find witty banter in an erotica novel, and this one had it! It didn’t feel forced or out of place. In fact,I’d market this book as a contemporary romance as well as erotica since it was so well-developed.

5 stars

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Men Times Three releases October 1st