Review of Heart’s Sentinel

By PJ Schnyder

This book is brought to the masses by Decadent Publishing and decadent it is. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this novel, and wasn’t even sure if this would be considered Erotica or Paranormal Romance. It definitely dances along a very thin high wire…and could easily be pushed over into mainstream Paranormal Romance.

Heart's Sentinel (Terra's Guardians, #1)Heart’s Sentinel is a shape shifter novel with a touch of sci-fi mixed in., just enough to be interesting and not enough to make me run for the hills. PJ Schnyder paints an exciting back drop to the lives of the jaguars within River Gap Pride and the circumstances that bring a new addition to its territory.
Our heroine, MacKenzie Sunton, has come to River Gap to change her entire existence. MacKenzie, a victim of a brutal shape shifter attack, is now a shifter herself. Her every movement and action are foreign to her and she hopes that River Gap and it’s people hold the secret to finding comfort in her new skin. What she does eventually find is safety, family and a love she could never imagine.

I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and the relationship between our main characters, Mackenzie Sunton and Adam . Adam’s strong and dominant presence make you want to know him and have his strength and protection; He is one hunky leading man.

MacKenzie, though young, is in no way naïve; she is a strong heroine you can relate to and find yourself wishing all too often to be in her shoes when Adam is around.

Though steamy in some parts, the content within is mild erotica…everyone (18+) should enjoy without a fuss. PJ gave us a glimpse of some other supporting character that I can’t wait to see again in the sequel.

A fabulous read, one I will keep and am delighted to share.
4 Stars

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