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While examining Andrew Carnegie’s lucky rosewood box, single-and-pregnant museum worker Melanie makes a tongue in cheek wish on the artifact–for a Highland warrior to help her forget about her cheating ex. Suddenly transported to the middle of a clan skirmish in sixteenth-century Scotland, she realizes she should have been a tad more specific.
Darcy, laird in waiting, should be the most eligible bachelor in Ackergill, but a cruel prank played on him in his teenage years has led him to believe he is too large under his kilt to ever join with a woman. He has committed himself to a life of bachelorhood, running his deceased father’s windmills and keeping up the family manor house…alone.
Darcy’s uncle, Laird Steafan welcomes the strangely dressed woman into his clan, immediately marrying her to Darcy in hopes of an heir. But when Steafan learns of her magic box and brands her a witch, Darcy must do what any good husband would–protect his wife, even if it means forsaking his clan.
WARNING: A pregnant museum worker, a sixteenth-century Scot, and a meddlesome wishing box.
I really enjoyed this book, I mean what’s not to love?  Time travel, hot Highlanders, suspense, hot Highlanders, intrigue, hot Highlanders…I think you get the picture.  Gage did a good job of taking us back in time and not whitewashing it.  People smell, no one is entirely innocent when it comes to border struggles, the concerns for a pregnant woman in 16th c. Scotland, how women were NOT equals, etc.   It’s not as gritty and dark as other novels in this vein, but it’s not overly light and fluffy either.  It’s an entertaining read with some really interesting characters I hope to see again.
I don’t want to say anymore and spoil it so I’ll just say you can find Wishing For a Highlander here:
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Jessi was also kind enough to answer a few questions for us here at DemonLover’s:
  1. Where do you currently live? Seattle
  2. Are you Married? kids? pets? Married with 2 little monsters—I mean darlings who make sure I get out and enjoy the sunshine when it happens here in the Puget Sound area.
  3. What/who/ how did you get started writing? I started writing seriously when I got pregnant with my now 3.5yo daughter. They say pregnancy can change a person. I definitely had a surge of creativity, and the passion to create love stories hasn’t left me since.
  4. Do you want to thank one person in particular for giving that extra push? Aww, what a great question! Gosh, so many people have supported me in this dream. The one person I’d have to say who has made the biggest difference would have to be my editor at Lyrical Press, Piper Denna. She’s the one who gave me my first chance and helped me polish Wishing for a Highlander for publication. If you’re reading, thank you, Piper! And keep an eye on your inbox. I’ve got a sequel to Wishing for a Highlander headed your way soon!
  5. How many books did you attempt before you were published? 5. Wishing for a Highlander was my 6th full-length novel. The other 5 are not fit to see the light of day, lol. But they’re all dear to my heart because of the growth they’ve brought to my writing.
  6. Do you have any MUST haves to write? Food, drink or time? There’s never enough time! If I had one superpower, it would be stopping time so I can read and write to my heart’s content. Also books. I love reading romance. I’ve always got one or two going on my kindle. A writer who doesn’t like to read is like a cook who doesn’t like to eat.
  7. Which novel is your favorite of your books? Oh, snap! That’s like asking who’s your favorite child. Fortunately for me, I only have one book out for sale right now, Wishing for a Highlander, so I can confidently say that one…buuuut, Road Rage, a contemporary romance with a paranormal twist will be out in June, so soon Wishing will have a competitor for my affections!
  8. Who is your favorite character? Darcy. Definitely Darcy. He’s alpha when he needs to be, but he has a sweet humility about him that lets him take a supporting role when it’s Melanie’s time to shine. I love how he handles the vulnerabilities I gave him, with strength, courage, honor, and a little bit of self-depreciating humor.
  9. How many books do you have in the work now? Road Rage, the first in my Blue Collar Boyfriends series will be out with Lyrical Press this June. I’m finishing up a sequel to Wishing for a Highlander, which will feature Anya (yes, I plan to redeem the villainess from Wishing) and a reclusive wolf-man with an Irish lilt. It will be called The Wolf and the Highlander. I also have another book completed that may fit into the Blue Collar Boyfriends series, but I haven’t found the courage to submit it to Lyrical yet. Maybe once I finish Anya’s book, I’ll take another look at it and polish it up. That one’s called Jade’s Spirit, and it features an ex-stripper and a 27yo virgin who runs a lawn care business. (I might have a thing for virginal heroes).  
  10. For your next book, what is the name and when is the release date? Road Rage. June 2013. I’m so excited. I’ve already gotten a few nice reviews on Goodreads, always validating!
  11.  What inspired you write this book? Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander heavily influenced Wishing for a Highlander (if you couldn’t tell from the time travel, the witch accusations, the coerced marriage, and the virginal Highland husband on the run from the law). But I’m no historian. My setting (I hope) is well researched and believable, but the focus of the story is definitely on my time travelling, modern-day heroine, Melanie, and the new home she finds in the past with her sexy, kilted Highlander. I add some fun magical twists, a quirky supportive cast, and a mischievous wishing box that will reappear in future books in the series.
  12. Do you like writing hot romance scenes? Hoo boy. You betcha! Writing amorous scenes is probably my favorite thing about writing. Finding that perfect blend of attraction, physicality, and story is such a high when it all comes together.
  13.   Do you have plans for another new book/series? I’d like to keep writing in the Highland Wishes series and the Blue Collar Boyfriends series. Fans of Karen Marie Moning’s Highland romances will enjoy the former. Fans of Kristen Ashley’s rough and ready alpha males will enjoy the latter. At least I hope so!
  14. What is the 1st book you remember reading and falling in love with? The Stand. I remember thinking how entrenched I became in the heads of each of the characters. King is definitely a master and one of my writing idols.
  15.  Who is your favorite author? Favorite series? Karen Marie Moning. I love her Highlander romances and her Fever series featuring MacKayla Lane and the king of hotness himself, JZB.
  16.  What is your favorite quote? “You choose what you can live with, and what you can’t live without.” ? Jericho Barrons
  17. Do you have a favorite book cover? My critique partner Amy Raby has a new release out, Assassin’s Gambit. It has one of the most striking covers I have seen. I love everything about it from the colors to how it represents her beautiful story.
  18. Naughtiest book you ever read? A recent naughty read would be Em Patrova’s Hard Ridin’, a steamy ménage set on a farm with two sexy cowboys and a woman with her hands FULL.
  19. Favorite color? Blue
  20. Tell us something no one knows. I dislike sweet coffee. When I order a latte, I always ask for half the flavoring. If the barista puts in too much, I’ll dump it and drink water instead because I feel bad about making them redo it.
Thank you so much for having me, Alicia! It’s been a fun visit!
Thank You Jessi!
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