Firelight (Darkest London, #1)Firelight by Kristen Callihan

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

Spoiler Free

This book has compelling writing, although right off the bat you are bombarded with clichés. That may not bother some readers, but if it is a pet peeve of yours, then I promise that by the third chapter, the author really hits her stride, and the clichés are gone.

I have had a few of my friends telling me to read this one for weeks, since our tastes are similar, I downloaded from netgalley and was completely underwhelmed by the blurb. If it hadn’t been a buddy read, I probably wouldn’t have pushed it to the top of my TBR list. I’m really glad my girls bullied convinced me to read this book, I absolutely would have missed out on a new talent whose voice works the gothic vibe. The beginning was ok, but then, something changed. I can’t put my finger on it, but the writing is just so compelling, it pulls you in.

Miranda is a great heroine. She has a power- she’s a fire starter, and no one can explain why or how, so Miranda hides it. After her sisters have been married off, Miranda is still at home. Why is that? (My lips are zipped, but you’ll find out)

Lord Archer is back in London, after being abroad for years, and his first order of business? To kill Miranda’s father. But he’s stopped by the sounds of a couple young lads swordfighting. Since no one ses swords anymore, Archer halts, and watches, both intrigued and amused by the talent demonstrated in the boys. He follows one home, only to witness the boy get into a scuffle with some tough street boys. Archer is then completely blindsided by the beauty of the “boy” (yep, it’s Miranda). He saves her, although she may not have needed saving, he hints at things to come, and he doesn’t kill her father.

Instead, he sets things in motion to marry Miranda.

I loved how they got to know each other. Archer wears a mask at all times, and his reputation is one that makes ladies swoon with fright as his coach drives past. But Archer has cultivated this reputation for a reason, and Miranda wants to ferret out all his secrets. At one point where she overhears something about her husband, the book has the potential to have a Big Misunderstanding, but Miranda is much too smart for that. I give the author credit for handling several sticky situations without taking the easy way out.

The gothic feel of this Historical Paranormal Romance gives is more of an Urban Fantasy vibe, and it really works. I can’t get over how intense this book was for me. There is this amazing mystery, the lure and pull of the mystery draws you in, and it does not let you go. I was kept guessing, only to be proved wrong over and over. I can’t wait for Moonglow.

The only thing I think is that if someone spoils the mystery for you, it might detract from the overall enjoyment of the story. This is why I haven’t put anything pertaining to plot in this spoiler-free review.

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