*Must be 18 or older to read this book*
Oh!! WOW!! Angel Payne takes you on an amazing roller-coaster ride of emotions in this exciting new series.  From the first page you feel like you need to strap on your seat belt and hold on to your own emotions – grief, anger, fear, courage, determination, hope, love, and lust. You can expect to experience it all.  This book is not for the faint of heart.  It involves BDSM, slavery, human trafficking, torture and attempted rape scenes.  Angel has a way of pulling you into the scenes and making you a part of every experience.  I truly did not want to put the book down and can hardly wait for the next book in the series.
Garrett “Hawk” Hawkins is Army Special Forces and he and his fellow Special Forces teammate Zeke are on a mission to rescue five American women who were abducted in Bangkok.  A year, two months, sixteen days, and almost 24 hours ago he lost his fiancé Sage to tribal warfare in Botswana and this mission is causing some major flashbacks for him.  Hawk’s emotional baggage will drive you crazy.  I really just wanted to knock some sense into him; he’s in dire need of an attitude adjustment and it’s headed his way.
Sage and her friend Rayna have been either on the run, hiding from, or a prisoner of a human trafficker named “King” for the last 433 days.  After their recapture, they are drugged and transported to a new location.  Sage doesn’t know where they are but she knows they’re running out of time.   King will be selling them soon and they will be moved again.  Sage has given up hope of ever being rescued.  The only things she can hope for now are that someone will find the journal she’s planning on leaving behind, and that it will help lead to the arrest of the scum whose been holding them prisoner.  Sage is amazingly resilient and brave under some of the most dire circumstances, and her love for Hawk knows no bounds.  Sage is the main character in this story, but her friend Rayna will have her own story soon.
I don’t want to give too much away because you wouldn’t have the full effect of this great story.  Let Angel take you through this action-packed adventure. I highly recommend that you give it a chance.  I was completely swept into their world and didn’t want to leave.
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