About That Night (FBI / US Attorney, #3)About That Night by Julie James

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Finally we get Kyle’s story! If you remember, he was the Twitter Terrorist and was sent to prison.

He met the girl of his dreams in a bar 9 years ago (I loved the references to the year-the cel phones and everything). She isn’t all that impressed with Kyle, but she lets him walk her home. They banter and they plan a date for the next night…and Kyle never shows.
Rylann is mad playboy Kyle Rhodes never showed, but when she finds out why, it’s completely understandable, and unfortunately the two don’t see each other for almost a decade. And even more unfortunately when they do see each other, it’s in court.

Rylann is an assistant US Attorney and her office put Kyle behind bars. But today she’s in court to agree that he should be released with time served. Then her boss gives her a case where she will need Kyle’s testimony to help put a prison guard in jail. She is absolutely right when she figures Kyle will want nothing to do with her office, after all, they went after him pretty harshly when his case came up. But Kyle is willing to see Rylann and help her out. Once the case is over, they have some decisions to make. Should they continue to see each other? Should they be exclusive? And can an Assistant US Attorney date an ex-con?

This was a cute story, but I kept expecting more to happen with Rylann’s case. I mean she put a cop in jail-shouldn’t there be some threats, or some lingering issues? I guess I expected a bit of a suspense plot there, but it was conveniently taken care of only half-way through the book. Other than that, this was a sweet and sexy contemporary romance.

My favorite quote from Kyle was “Because nine years ago, I walked up to the most beautiful girl in the bar, and tonight she’s still the only person I want to talk to.”

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