Why we love Highlanders…
Maybe I can end this post with just the picture above? 
Aw, well I guess I better elaborate on why we love Highlanders and what some authors had to say about those delicious men in kilts.

Why did you choose highlanders to write about?

I write about Highlanders because a) I fell in love with highland country, b) they’re my people, c) their diasporo resulted in exploration and settlement of the American wilderness in about 50 years flat, d) they make drinking whiskey sexy and e) they make kilts, period. 

I choose to write about Highlanders because they make the best heroes.  And because I’ve always been drawn to Scotland.  It’s just so natural for all my stories to be set there, 
and for my heroes to be those hunky Highlanders. 🙂

Because they typify the alpha hero – strong, protective of their own, a wild man who can be tamed only by that one woman meant just for him.  Besides, I adore Scotland! ~Melissa Mayhue~

I chose to write about Highlanders because I love the culture and the idea of these strong, fierce warriors just trying to protect their people. ~Laura Hunsaker~

The only thing better then a man in a kilt, is Gerard Butler in a kilt. ~DemonLover~
What is the sexiest feature about a Highlander?
What do I find sexy about a Highlander? What DON’T I find sexy about a Highlander? Start with that gorgeous accent. Oh, my! 
~Anna Campbell, author of Midnight’s Wild Passion.~

They’re the total package – all those traits mentioned 
above PLUS a wonderful accent AND a plaid! 
~Melissa Mayhue~

The sexiest feature about a Highlander are a combination of things.  Their brogue, the kilt, their brawn, their honor and loyalty to their family and land, and that alpha male quality they have!

~Donna Grant~

I love the arms, strong from swinging that heavy 2-handed sword. 
~Laura Hunsaker~

The sexiest feature about a Highlander is a combination of physical toughness, mental agility, quirky humor, and endless heart. He’s usually got pretty good looking knees, too. 

Now why do you love Highlanders?
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