Uniform Behaviour
gets 5 out of 5 Flames.
Uniform Behaviour
edited by Lucy Felthouse (cue adolescent snickering and the “That’s what she said” here)
First off this eBook is a charitable work. Each author to the anthology is contributing a story about men and women in uniform with some of the proceeds going to the UK charity Help for Heroes, and the editor is graciously forgoing her cut of proceeds so more can go to the authors and worthy cause. Makes you all warm and fuzzy inside to know that every copy bought is going to help those who protect and serve us in so many different ways.

Makes you all hot and bothered once you read the short stories inside.

A win/win situation to me.

The “uniforms” are the usual suspects of military, police, fire with some blue collar waiters, parking security, and others thrown in. Stories range from sweet romantic encounters to raunchy quickies, involving cougars, coworkers, and everything in between, so there’s definitely something for everyone. Added bonus is that most are written by British authors or take place over the pond, so then we get to add yummy accents to these guys as well. Cheerio!

Two of my favorites are: “Dirty Deeds” by Victoria Blisse (cue snickering agian) where a cleaning lady is caught in a compromising situation by her stud of an employer, and “Guard Mounting” by Justine Elyot because it fulfills a personal fantasy about getting a…ahem…rise out of those Buckingham Palace guards. Neither one sound like your cup of tea, well there are 14 others to choose from. I do love anthologies that offer a wide variety of tasty crumpets like this. Mmm…mmm…mmm.