Touch of a Scoundrel (Touch of Seduction, #3)Touch of a Scoundrel by Mia Marlowe
My rating: 4 of 5 flames

The young Earl of Devonwood grew up seeing visions, a trait he gets from his mother’s side. He usually has about 12 hours until a vision comes to pass, and they always do. But that doesn’t stop him from trying to stop or change them. His father won’t listen to that kind of malarkey, even though Griffin has proven his visions time and time again.

So when Griffin as a young boy sees his father’s death, he does everything he can to prevent it. But his father doesn’t listen, and Griffin feels that since he has no control over what happens, that it’s pointless to try to warn anybody, or change anything.

Then he meets the intoxicating woman in his garden. And after the lovely vision of amazing sex with her that he has, he finds out she is his brother’s almost-fiancé. Uh, oops.

Emmaline is not engaged to Teddy. Yet. And since she and her father are con-artists, that’s probably a good thing. The visions that Griffin keeps getting of her only intrigue him more, but he’s also super skeptical of both Emmaline and her professor father. But if she’s a fortune hunter, why isn’t she engaged to his brother yet? And why isn’t she taking him up on his offer since he’s the earl? It doesn’t make sense to him.

When one of his visions comes true, everything changes. How can he fall for his brother’s woman without ruining both her and his relationship with his brother?

Meanwhile, there is something going on behind the scenes, and it’s not what I expected. Someone plans on stealing something from Emmaline and her father, but it’s so much more than that. The ending was a bit abrupt, but it was interesting, to say the least.

All in all, a good read, slightly different from your normal Regency, but in a good way. I really enjoyed the Mia Marlowe’s style and will absolutely continue on in the series.

My favorite quote:

“That violet gown is most becoming, Miss Farnsworth.”

“Thank you milord.” How should she return the compliment? you make my pantaloons twist, milord would be honest at least.

***ARC courtesy of Kensington Publishing

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