The Wolf Who Loved Me (Westfield Wolves #5)The Wolf Who Loved Me by Lydia Dare

My rating: 3 of 5 flames

I have read Lydia Dare’s first 4 Westfield Wolves and I liked them. They have this interesting premise we don’t see too often in paranormal romance. Usually we see these dominant, very wolf-like men whose wolf gets as much page time as the man. In this series, the wolves (and their wolf-side) are more on the periphery of the novel.

This series deals more with the men behaving in polite society.

In this particular book, the hero Wes, his twin brother Grey, and his elder brother Archer are barely tolerated by Society, so their brother Dashiel (from The Taming of the Wolf ) hires a governess. Yeah, you read that right, a governess. I get that this book is lighter in tone and pararnormal than most, but I found that unbelievable. In a paranormal romance, where I suspend belief, I just couldn’t suspend that belief. It was stupid and lame. However, in the next scene, after the governess is frightened away a la the Von Trapp children, Mary Poppins Lady Sophia accepts the position. Archer won her entire fortune from her gambler father, and she wants one thing back-a small cottage. I found this much more believable- hiring her to help them adapt into Society so the Ton would accept them, over the governess. It was supposed to be funny, I guess. It felt over the top to me. On the other hand, I am very intrigued with Archer and Sophia’s story.

I did not like the immature hero. He behaved as a 15 year old boy would. Right off the bat he is taking his toddler niece and nephew out while he and his twin race their phaetons. Of course, there’s an accident and his turns over at breakneck pace. And of course, he takes the fall, saving his screaming niece. But the fact that he did that at all kind of irritated me. But, hey, shrug it off, right? It was still the beginning of the book. Unfortunately, I really never felt like I had a “grown up” for a hero.

Our heroine acted like a spoiled princess, but that’s because she kind of was a spoiled princess. Or at least a spoiled daughter of a duke. I think that bugged me at first, but not so much because of how she behaved, but because of how Wes treated her-he had her up on a pedestal so high she must have seen clouds.

The short version is that her father has a ton of men at their country house so that Maddie can choose her husband from them. Wes is their neighbor, so he’s there too. She sees him change in the full moon, he kidnaps her and heads to Gretna. It’s along the road to Gretna Green that she falls for him, and I liked that. In fact that was the best part of this book-the whole chase, rush to Scotland, marriage and romance was sweet and I enjoyed it immensely.

The ending bothered me a bit because Archer was being an ass (yet again) and no one took him to task. I thought Maddie would at one point, but she also let it go. I hope Sophia makes Archer wok for her affection whenever they get their book. I also thought we’d finally see Wes grow up a bit, but he never really changed. I wanted him to rip into a certain acquaintance of his, but he never did. I did like the ending, but I just felt that the middle picked up the pace so well from the beginning, that the ending was just a teeny bit of a let-down. ***ARC Courtesy of

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