The Iron Duke (Iron Seas, #1)The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook
My rating: 5 of 5 flames

This book amazed me. I was reading an anthology called Burning Up and in it was a story called Here There Be Monsters and wow, did that writing rock my socks! I was a bit confused on a few points, but was so wow’d by the world and the characters that I immediately read The Iron Duke.

The world-building is complex, and intricate, and really really interesting. I think that the characters were really well-done, and I loved their romance. There was one scene where my eyebrows shot up, but I think it worked, and it was necessary to show how real these characters are.

Which brings me to the characters, oh the characters. They were fantastic. Rhys and Mina are wonderful together, but the side characters were equally as wonderful and equally three dimensional. (I hate cardboard characters, and I guarantee you won’t see any here).

I think for a world where an alternate history is involved, it’s not a bad idea to look up Meljean Brook’s website-she has a lot of extras and the actual history of the Mongols, and her new version of the Horde.

Check here for her Iron Seas Guide

I’m so excited for Heart of Steel to see what was so important for Archimedes Fox to try to take the Lady Corsair, that I paid $9.99 for the ebook. (For those of you who know me, you know I’m cheap and can’t stand spending more than 7 or 8 bucks on the high end for an ebook).

I can’t wait to dive back into this series.

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