Sweet Ride!Sweet Ride! by Bonnie Edwards
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This was originally titled This Heart of Mine but I kind of like the new title better (and the cover! I just love those red heels!) Sweet Ride was a fun and sweet Contemporary Romance with Bonnie Edwards’ typical humor sprinkled throughout. I think that anyone who loves category romance, or sweet romance with some spicy scenes will love this.

Katie is broken. Like really needs to be pieced back together and super glued broken. The good thing is that she knows this. The bad thing is that I don’t think we realize how bad it is til Jace does. Katie was brought up in foster care and she had a rough time of it, but she also became a very determined adult who pushed her way to the top of her game (selling used cars). She is very good at her job and has helped her boss, Harry, out to the point where he depends on her quite a bit.

Then Harry has a heart attack and Katie feels the pressure. Oh not of running the business, she could do that in her sleep. She feels the pressure of having a friend. She’s always run before she got too close to someone. Even the foster parents who she liked, she’d ask her social worker to put her back in the system. Her flawed thinking is that everyone will leave you, everyone will disappoint you, so leave before you love them, then you won’t ever have to feel a broken heart.

But then Harry has a heart attack. It turns out Katie really likes Harry. Then Harry invites his nephew to stay for a while too. It turns out Katie really likes Jace. She could really love him, if she gave herself the chance.

For Jace’s part, he’s halfway in love with Katie from the first second he sees her struggling to get a box out of her car. But in all their time together, he never really gets to know what makes Katie tick. He thinks he’s helping to make things easier on her, but really he’s taking her choices from her. Even down to selling his uncle’s car dealership out from under her. (You’ll have to read it to find out what happens there! I won’t spoil what happens)

This is a fun and sweet enemies to lovers story that I found quite entertaining and a great way to pass a rainy afternoon.

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