Spontaneous Fiction…Saturday?
Okay, so it’s a little late, but so worth the wait.
This week we have one of my favorite m/m Erotic authors as our guest writer to tantilize you.
He has graciously donated a copy of his newest e-book,
ALL ABOUT JENNY, due out on July 1st.
The best addition to the story wins a copy!
Here is the Inspiration photo I supplied:
And here’s how DJ started the story:
The vampire watched the stripper with intensity. He wasn’t sure if he was the right one. It would take more than a few contortions from a hard muscled body to convince him. But Theodore was impressed anyway. It was remarkable how well this mortal knew the circumference of the small stage he danced on. The mask he wore made each movement hazardess. The bodies sitting around the stage held their breath, perhaps wishing he’d miscalculate and fall into their waiting arms.The dancer wore a collar around his neck, not the traditional type with a ring. It was more like a belt which had been buckled and tightened. He tore at it as he undulated his hips and slowly, very slowly unzipped his jeans. When the other man walked on stage, dressed like a dom, all in leather, wielding a whip, the blind stripper dropped to his knees. The whip cracked again, Theodore sucked in some air. The whip hit the flesh and his notrils filled with fresh blood. Ahhh…what was this…not completely an act. The streams of blood mingled with the sweat on the hard muscled chest and Theodore moved closer. It was then he met the gaze of the master. There was challenge in his eyes. The game was on…
Who can add to this one? Please continue this story…
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