Today we get to play with Laura Hunsaker.
Author of a fabulous book called Highland Destiny.
Highland Destiny
Happy Friday! For this week’s Spontaneous Fiction, she was given this lovely little picture below.

What am I doing? Kendra thought He’s half my age!
But as his lips moved slowly down her neck, Kendra lost all grip on her thoughts. For once, she would feel. For once, she would ignore that little voice that whispered in the back of her head, and for once, responsibility would fly out the window.
She didn’t even know his name, so when his tongue grazed her nipple, Kendra moaned “Oh God,” instead of whatever his name was. She helped him slip her bra completely off and couldn’t suppress the shiver that went down her spine when his eyes darkened from desire Kendra let him push her back on the bed as his lips wreaked havoc with her senses overpowering any remaining thought…

As always, add on to the story in the comment section below and we’ll leave it up till Wednesday to see just how far the story will go…