Spontaneous Fiction Friday
and this week’s author is ME! DemonLover
Caution!! this week’s intro is
XXX Rated
You can see by the inspiration photo… it’s gonna be Hot!
Title: Submit to me

Where were we, Ah yes…I had you on your knees and handcuffed, ass in the air and legs spread. I stand behind you, clade in spike heeled leather boots, black lace thong and matching black silk corset.

My hair wild and tosseled, breast up and straining for release from their silky binding.

I run my hand slowly across your ass and down your leg, edging your legs wider. I reach between your legs and grasp your cock at its base, stroking and pumping only for a moment…

I have a present for you my pet, moisten my fingers and slowly stroke and moisten your cock. Slowly I slide a cold hard metal cock ring down your shaft…and gently push it over each of your balls one by one.

“Snug, it displays your swollen shaft quite nicely” I think to myself. As I withdraw from you I let my nails graze the rim of your swollen head….a hiss of pleasure escapes your lips. You will be punished for uttering a sound without permission.

Riding crop firmly in my hand, I spank your ass. Your body jerks with the sting, but this time no sounds escape your mouth… Mistress instructs you to raise up from the bed, still kneeling your cock jets rigid, and hard as steel. I step into you, my front meeting your back…you feel the taunt nipples of my breasts pressed to your back, and I slow reach my hands around to your chest. Pinching and touching your nipples until they are like tiny pebbles, then scratch my nails down them and lower still till I reach you shaft. Holding and testing it’s thickness and weight in my palm, I stroke it. Pumping and milking your cock, now red and thick with need: your eyes plead for release….

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