Shadow Walker (Stormwalker #3)Shadow Walker
by Allyson James

My rating: 5 of 5 flames

Wow. I didn’t realize how much I missed Mick and Janet until I jumped back into their world.

In this latest Stormwalker installment, the book opens with Janet and Sheriff Nash Jones falling into a random sink hole out in the middle of the Arizona desert. Except nothing with Janet is ever random.

In that sinkhole (about 200ft down!!!) Janet sees these awful freaky skeletal hands coming her way. Nothing she does can get them to leave her alone, and there are hundreds of them crawling towards her. Mick is able to save her and an unconscious Nash, but not before one of those spider-like skeletal hands grips her leg. The injury is similar to frost-bite, and only Mick is able to heal her.

Mick goes down into that hole to investigate, and comes back a changed man, er, dragon. He is hostile to Janet. The magic mirror screams and screams and screams. Magic Mirror tells Janet that Mickey has been touched by shadows. They are all around him. Janet in fact can see the difference in his aura as well…but only sometimes. Other times he’s her normal wonderful Mick. But what worries everyone, is the burning question; What is strong enough to work some serious mojo on Mick?

Meanwhile, Nash is recovering from his fall into that hole, but someone is out to get him too! Can Janet figure out what is controlling Mick, who’s trying to kill Nash, why those skeletal hands are after her, and the icing on the cake, why is the hotel inspector showing up with a list of “fix this now” for her? Can Janet catch a break please?

Janet’s half-sister Gabrielle is involved in this one, and I can honestly say I’m happy with the way it worked out with her. I wasn’t sure what would happen with her, but I should have learned by now not to doubt Ms. James.

The only spoiler I’m willing to part with is that Mick is actually being controlled by a Shadow Walker. And let’s just say that any person who can control a dragon as powerful as Mick is a force to be reckoned with. The dragon council finds out, and so so much happens from that point on. Mick is no longer his normal self-he is losing pieces of himself. I loved the scene when he finally broke free, and how Janet helped break the Shadow Walker’s spell.

This is a non-stop ride that cranked me to the top only to be dropped in a free-fall and caught again.

Jennifer Ashley/Allyson James’ writing is always consistent, her stories wonderful. You will never be disappointed when picking up an Allyson James novel.

Fans of Urban Fantasy will love this series.

Fans of kick-ass heroines will love this series.

Fans of super sexy dragon-men will LOVE this series.

I canNOT stress enough how I don’t like Urban Fantasy and yet I love the Stormwalker books.
**ARC provided by Allyson James