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Ruby Fever by Ilona AndrewsRuby Fever by Ilona Andrews
Series: Hidden Legacy #6
Published by Avon on August 23, 2022
Genres: PNR
Pages: 320
Format: eBook
Source: Advance Reader Copy
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Ilona Andrews is back with the newest book in the exciting Hidden Legacy series—the thrilling conclusion to her trilogy featuring fierce and beautiful Prime magic user Catalina Baylor.

An escaped spider, the unexpected arrival of an Imperial Russian Prince, the senseless assassination of a powerful figure, a shocking attack on the supposedly invincible Warden of Texas, Catalina’s boss... And it’s only Monday.

Within hours, the fate of Houston—not to mention the House of Baylor—now rests on Catalina, who will have to harness her powers as never before. But even with her fellow Prime and fiancé Alessandro Sagredo by her side, she may not be able to expose who’s responsible before all hell really breaks loose.

I dove into this book the second I got it. Then at about 90% I didn’t want to finish it-I couldn’t handle this being over. I needed to live in this world they’ve built just a bit longer. Obviously I finished it, but I immediately re-read it, just to stay in this story a while longer.

In Ruby Fever, the final book featuring Alessandro and Catalina, but hopefully not the end of House Baylor, the reader is immersed in this magical world where monsters are all too human. The Baylor family has just moved into a new house, and while they are trying to settle in, they know that their current peace has an expiration date. Arkan is still out there, and he will come for them. (Quick background: Arkan is an assassin who as we found out in the previous books, killed Alessandro’s father, and is now aiming to kill Alessandro).

But when Linus Duncan, Catalina’s boss, mentor, and pretty much as close as her family will get to a godfather, suddenly can’t be reached, Catalina and Alessandro know their time is up. Arkan is close. And he just made a move.

While Catalina is trying to figure out what is going on, wrench after wrench keeps being thrown into the workings of her case. Add to that, a Russian prince is now involved, and that spells bad news. Worse news, in fact. Why is the Russian Imperium sniffing around her case? Or is Konstantin there for Catalina, and not Arkan? And through it all, Catalina’s powers are becoming unpredictable. It isn’t like her; she is always in control. But she has Alessandro by her side, and her entire family to back her up. She will figure out what happened to Linus, and she will take Arkan down.

This series is my all time favorite and I think I’ve re-read it more than any other series. Ilona Andrews creates incredibly complex worlds and characters. Within that world, the couples that pair up are the kind that make amazing partners, even if they don’t think so at first. I’m such a sucker for competent characters! I always have such a hard time reviewing Ilona Andrews books, because all I hear in my head as I try to write is “Squee, OMG epic! Amazing! Fantastic! OMG OMG OMG!” This makes it hard to get coherent thoughts out of my brain! But seriously, there is so much going on, and the authors are able to pull the reader in, keep you suspended in their web, and hold you there until long after the last word is read. Their books are my comfort reads, my most re-read series, and absolutely some of my all time favorites. I highly encourage everyone who loves romance, action, adventure, magic, or a well-written book to start this series ASAP. Start at the beginning with Burn For Me. You’re in for quite a treat when you start! But set aside a week to just binge the whole series. You can thank me later.

With their usual magic and mayhem, Ilona Andrews creates a world full of magic, full of monsters, and full of excitement. They keep the reader immersed in their world long after the last page is turned. Nothing could keep me from reading the next Ilona Andrews book. In fact, I’ve already pre-ordered the paperback.

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