by Sara Curran-Ross
Publisher: Solstice Publishing
Publish Date: March 17, 2011
Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Source: Ebook for review 

Rating: 3.5 of 5 flames

Blurb from Publisher
Award winning journalist Rebecca Eaton crosses the closed border of a troubled Asian country to interview a Human Rights activist and known terrorist. Three days later, after her reported mysterious disappearance, she turns up at the border tortured, beaten, minus her memory and one kidney.
When an attempt is made on her life in the hospital, her employer sends Eaton’s estranged ex-lover and security expert Dominic Kane to bring her safely home.
Kane wants Rebecca back in his arms. But before he can entice her into reconciliation he has to help her expose a worldwide medical conspiracy involving mass murder and the illegal sale of stolen human organs.
Kane has to protect Rebecca from the men sent to silence her and the terrorists who demand she ensures the medical criminals are brought to justice or four suicide bombs will be detonated in London.

Review by Book Savvy Babe
The Organ Grinder is a mystery/thriller novel.  There is quite a bit of action.  Rebecca is a reporter who lost her memory after being captured, beaten, and brutally raped behind enemy lines.  Kane is the former flame and Royal Marine sworn to bring Rebecca home to London safely, despite more violent attacks and attempts to kill Rebecca for good.

There is a lot of action in this book.  There are war scenes from Kane and Rebecca’s early relationship as well as violent murder attempts, and descriptions of the violence done to the character Rebecca.  I have to say it, if you are sensitive to violence and violence against woman, be warned, it is described in this book.

The Organ Grinder is fast paced, and definitely suspenseful.  The reader is constantly trying to figure out how the pieces of the puzzle fit together, right along with the characters, making for a compelling read.  Rebecca is a tough girl, the alpha female type, and Kane is the alpha male.  A good portion of the book is dedicated to the relationship between the two, how it began, what went wrong, how they grew and changed.  Despite of the devastating surroundings, the tender relationship between Rebecca and Kane provided peaceful relief and a well-balanced novel.

Altogether, The Organ Grinder was a pretty solid novel with interesting characters and action packed setting.  Mystery and suspense fans, this is a good pick.

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