Review: Have You Any Rogues by Elizabeth BoyleHave You Any Rogues by Elizabeth Boyle
Series: Rhymes With Love #2.5
Published by Avon, Impulse on November 12, 2013
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Romance, Romance
Pages: 176
Format: eBook
Source: Advance Reader Copy, Avon Addicts, edelweiss

The Seldons and Dales have been mortal enemies for centuries, but that hasn't stopped the roguish Crispin, Viscount Dale and the impetuous Lady Henrietta Seldon from waging their own battle … of the heart. Every stray glance, every chance encounter threatens to reveal the secret passion that keeps drawing them together.

But finally after years of flirting with disaster, Crispin and Henrietta find themselves locked in a wine cellar, and now there is no denying the love and loyalties that have lured them and torn them apart time and time again. Will this one last chance, this tempting night of desire be the one that ignites a fire that will never be extinguished, no matter the price?

This novella is part of the Rhymes With Love series and while you can tell by the mention of other characters and couples that it’s part of a series, it can be read just fine as a stand-alone.

It’s different than most Historical Romances you read today. Henrietta has been married. Three times. And not one of those times to the hero. But not for lack of trying. These two met early on and tried to elope, but something happened that prevented their marriage. With a sort of Hatfields/McCoys rivalry between the families, it’s not surprising. But fate keeps throwing these two people together.

Crispin is hurt. Henrietta is hurt. Neither one of them is very nice to the other at the beginning, but that changes as their story unfolds.

Basically, the two get locked in a wine cellar together, but that’s not really the plot. The plot is told through both flashbacks and current points of view, and we get a clearer image of why and how they never got together.

My only complaint is that they went through a lot, and I mean a LOT to get their happy ending, yet their ending is sort of implied. With the many other times they tried to marry, I really think that their marriage should have been shown in the story. Otherwise I feel it looks like it might not happen again.

It’s an interesting way to tell a story, and I will say that I’m glad it’s a novella as I’m not sure I would enjoy 400 pages of the back and forth, but I liked the way it flowed. We see how Crispin and Henrietta met and fell in love, and yet somehow never came together. And it works.

***ARC courtesy of Avon Impulse and Avon Addicts


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