I am so glad we get to meet this sexy Paladin warrior again that first made his appearance in the caves of Missouri in only a pair of flannel pajama pants. Yes, meet Hunter Fitzsimon, recently brought back from a nearly permanent death. His injuries were severe and he still has not fully healed from the events that took place at the hands of the “others”.
Hunter is being transferred to Seattle to a tiny town called Justice Point, his sole purpose is to monitor and report in about a small stretch of barrier that can be found there. His new assignment requires him to find an apartment in the area and blend in, not such an easy task on both accounts. The only place listed is a one bedroom above the garage of a local tea house.

 Tate Justice is sole owner and resident of the large Victorian turned Bed & Breakfast/Tea house in the small town of Justice Point. The large home had belonged to her uncle who recently passed away and had left her everything in his will. Tate decided to take on the task of running the tea shop, but it was proving hard to barely scrape by each month on the meager earnings from the shop regulars. Her other passion has yet to pay out as a best selling novelist, Tate is just starting to write her first romance novel, trying to get in a few pages between customers and when not running the shop. She’d have to earn extra income somehow, maybe she could rent the apartment over the garage?

 Of all the people in the world to walk into her shop, it had to be him (that sounds familiar). Hunter had answered the only ad for an apartment and stood outside the tea shop taking its measure and that of the beautiful woman that was coming towards him.

Tate would get a tenant and Hunter would get his apartment, but they both would get a lot more then they bargained for… a lot more.

 I really enjoyed the whole tangled interaction between Tate and Hunter. There’s a lot of heat and fantastic sexual tension. We also get to see more of the “other” Larem q‘Jones, who came across the barrier with Barak’s sister in the last book. In a nut shell you may think that the title Defeat the Darkness refers to the dark alien world of Kalithia, but it doesn’t. Hunter is the one struggling to battle the darkness within himself and he can with Tate and Larem’s help.

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Alexis also has another fantastic series called the Tailons, more magnificent warriors of another kind!

Rating: 4 1/2 Swords