Reviewed by Laurie:
The thing about Covet was that it was hard for me to get into. But man, oh man, once I did, it was AMAZING!! I loved the characters who made the cross-over; Marie-Therese, Trez, Phury, and even Butch had a small cameo at the church.

But I think my review will contain small spoilers only for the sake of summary…I think it was hard for me to get into cuz I had no clue what it was about.

So, Jim is a construction worker. He and his fellow carpenters Adrian and Eddie go to Iron Mask and there is a super hot woman who soo wants Jim. Enter Devina…spoiler alert…a demon!!! but we don’t know this for like 200 pages, so stick with it! Jim and Devina well, you know, in his truck, and the next day he sees her with Vin diPietro…the owner of the construction company he works for! So Jim falls off the building and has a near-death experience. He finds out the angels and demons have decided that he is to be the only one in the world who can save it! The demons will win if they can get Jim to fail, but life can continue if Jim saves 7 souls. He comes back to his body and goes about trying to get Vin and Devina together, until he realizes that Vin should be with Marie-Therese…who is another story all-together! She is a prostitute at Iron Mask (and previously at ZeroSum) but she’s not really into it…she hates it, but does it for her son. Well, Jim gets the 2 together and saves Vin’s soul, but Jim has to die for real in the process…and he is officially an angel who now has Devina the demon after him.
Can’t wait to read the next one (Crave).