Rare Danger by Beverly JenkinsRare Danger Published by Montlake Publishing on November 16, 2021
Genres: Contemporary RS
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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A librarian’s quiet life becomes a page-turner of adventure, romance, and murder in a thrilling novella by USA Today bestselling author Beverly Jenkins.

For Jasmine Ware, curating books for an exclusive clientele is her passion. Until an old friend, a dealer of rare books, goes missing and his partner is murdered. Linked to an artifact smuggled out of the ancient library at Timbuktu, the mystery draws Jasmine deeper into a plot that could cost her her life.

Air force veteran and private security ace Torr Noble is accustomed to adrenaline-pumping stakes. He never expected a private librarian would be so intriguing, but Jasmine is full of surprises. As the connection between them burns hot, a powerful old enemy raises his head. Torr and Jasmine must work together to find the missing dealer.

Will the search be the start of a happily ever after or a disastrous THE END?

This is a Romantic Suspense about a librarian! That alone had me sold! Ms. Jenkins is known for her Historical Romances, but she had me hooked right off the bat!

This book opens with our heroine Jasmine on a really bad blind date. But this ridiculous jerk gets his car repossessed right in front of her. It’s epic. The guy doing the repossessing? A super hot man who then waits with her to make sure she gets a ride home. He’s…sweet. For a repo man.

Jasmine isn’t just a librarian. She has a niche business where she helps people track down rare books, or even creates entire collections for them. Like an interior designer but with books. She’s even tracked down rare maps. Research is her bread and butter. She has a meeting with a new client who wants an entire library of local authors, and when she meets him? It’s her sexy repo man from the other night. Except Torr’s not actually a repo man. He’s in the security business. He was just doing a favor for a friend that night. The attraction from the other night is still there, and it’s even stronger. Not knowing how to handle it, he’s blunt, and to the point. He’s attracted to Jasmine, and he makes no bones about it.

Jasmine is wary, but not uninterested. They make a lunch date and decide to see what happens. Well, what happens is that being on the hunt for antiquities and rare items can attract dangerous enemies. When Jasmine is in the sights of some really bad people, Torr is there to help.

This novella is sexy, intriguing, and full of action. I loved Jasmine. I loved her so much. She’s strong, she’s competent, she knows her worth and is one hundred percent okay with telling people that. Torr is exciting, trustworthy, and he knows immediately that Jasmine is it for him. I really liked how this author wrote her characters. They feel real, solid, and like someone I would love to get to know. I enjoyed living in her world for the afternoon.

Ms. Jenkins is a Romancelania staple, and some of her earlier books are classics. If you haven’t read her, you’re missing out. This is a great book to start with if you’re new to the writing of Ms. Bev. Grab this one, you won’t regret it. Fun, witty, and suspenseful. I loved this and would one hundred percent read a series based off Torr’s security force.

***I got this book in Kindle Unlimited