Promo: Divine Justice series on saleDivine Justice by Mary Abshire
Series: Divine Justice
on August 2017
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: eBook
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The demon population is growing out of control and vampires are mankind's best hope for survival.

Divine Syndicate's top field agent, Anna, hits the streets with her partner to locate the master demon responsible for the increase in possessed humans. But finding the person won't be easy. The city is in a state of disarray with crime, poverty, and drug use at an all-time high. While Anna and her partner search for the master, they encounter more trouble than expected. As defenders of the human race, vampires want to save lives and exorcise the demons to send them back to Hell for good. Anna fears the worst is yet to come when demons aim to destroy the best protectors for all species. She'll stop at nothing to prevent evil from ruling on Earth.

The Divine Justice books are on sale this week, unfortunately it’s only available on kindle. But the good news is that if you have Kindle Unlimited it is free for you.

It’s Urban Fantasy Romance and the perfect length for you to read this weekend.

The first book is called Demon Hunter and $.99, the 2nd is Demon Tracker and still $.99 until Friday, and Crisis Alert the novel is $2.99.