Perfumed Heat (Heat, # 1)Perfumed Heat
by Judy Mays

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

Just bought this one for $2.49 from ellora’s cave- #support Judy Mays!

After everything that has happened this week surrounding English teacher Judy Mays, of course I bought one of her books. For those of you who don’t know, she is an English teacher in PA who was “outed” as an erotica author. A couple of parents who had nothing better to do called in local newstation WNEP who made her writing career out to be on the same level as a pedophile. (not kidding)
original newscast

Smartbitches has a fabulous commentary here

Moving on to the actual story, this is the first novella in her Heat series. Artemis Gray is an alpha werewolf still in his prime, even though he has grown children. He runs a men’s cologne company and wants to expand into women’s perfumes.

The deal he has in the works with a leading women’s perfume company falls through the instant he scents the owner-Sylvia James was wearing a perfume using animal musk. Not only does that lose her the deal, she loses her assistant Moira as well.

Artemis recognizes Moira as his mate, even though his son and he almost fought over her for a second there, but after a tense stand-off his son backed down. Artemis and Moira leave together, but he moves a little too fast for her. Nope, not the sex, she’s way into that *wink wink* but he instantly asks her to marry him, be his mate, and shows her his wolfy side. Then he orders her to submit. Now we 21st century women might enjoy her reaction (and where she told him to go), but Artemis didn’t. His son and daughter barged in to explain she needs time.

But, don’t forget Sylvia….she’s quite vindictive and wants Moira back. See, Moira’s not just her assistant, she also has made the last 7 years’ worth of perfumes for her company. And even if Sylvia has to threaten Moira’s poor ill grandfather, she will. But Moira mistakes the threat as coming from the Big Bad Wolf, not the Big Bad Bitch.

It’s a fun and thrilling novella with a bit of wolfy lust.

My favorite quote:
“Only a fool would lay his hands on the mate of a werewolf.” Moira’s granddad was a wise man.

I will be looking for the rest of the Heat series from Judy Mays.