YES! ….I have a NEW bookmark design.

Design is care of Picky_ME (Trish), and features the Man Candy physique of Simon Howard.
I will be getting these printed up shortly and am taking orders NOW!

Would you like to order the new design? I’m charging $1.25 each, which includes the 44 cents shipping. So 81 cents for some hunky DemonLover man candy. Not bad?

All donations go to the prize packs, shipping costs and maintenance of the DemonLover’s website.
To order, click here.

Would you like to make a donation just because? If so, click the donate button in the upper left corner and donate via Paypal. DemonLover’s website will soon be under construction and going through a face lift. The new design will more reflect DL’s personality and man candy content you all love.
Current donations will be applied to these changes on the sites appearance.

Thank you again for your support and readership.
See you again real soon!