Day 4 of our Nightwalkers Event is my review of Damien, my favorite book in this series. You can still enter to win Gideon by commenting on my review here and the best part? I’ve hear that Jacob is still just $1.79!! Woohoo!

Damien (Nightwalkers, #4)Damien by Jacquelyn Frank

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

This book totally redeemed the whole series as far as I’m concerned. I liked Jacob, Gideon fell short, and Elijah annoyed me. Damien was the best so far, and it was fantastic!
Ruth is one of the best female villains I’ve seen in a long time, in fact I wish we saw more of her. She gets some action right at the beginning, and some later on in the book. She is one insane woman who has a brilliant mind…the makings of an excellent bad guy.
Syreena was a lot like her sister Siena, but less impulsive. I loved Damien the vampire prince, and I love how he wasn’t in love with her (yet) but his comment was that he wanted to see if he could be. That was a very important part of this book, since all the vampires were pretty much walking around bored of life, and only enjoying the carnal pursuits.
“If we cannot consume it, kill it, or party with it, it does not interest us.”
—Damien to Noah
Syreena (as we learned in Elijah) fell ill as a child, and to cure her, the Mistral used her singing gift to heal her, but used a part of her soul as well, so Syreena, lycanthrope princess, mutated to have 2 shifter forms-dolphin, and falcon.
“Lycanthropes loved a good mutation, especially a powerful one like hers.”
Well Ruth takes Syreena and tortures her to make Siena pay for the death of her daughter Mary (the end of Elijah). Damien has this drive to follow Syreena and once he realizes what’s going on, he does everything in his power to save her. What’s interesting is that this is before the two have had much interaction, so he doesn’t know why he does this, but he doesn’t question the desire to do so. After he saves her, he drinks of her blood and finds out why vampires aren’t supposed to drink from other Nightwalkers…unfortunately he also finds what his kind is missing, and the end to their eternal ennui with life. She is is mate, and it turns out that the two only gain in strength from sharing blood-he can transform into a raven shortly after, and it rocks the vampire world. But right after Syreena wakes to find Damien followed her and saved her at great risk to himself, she kisses him. he asks her why,
“Because it is a fairy tale, Damien. And in fairy tales, the princess always kisses the prince who rescues her.”
And once they realize they love each other, Damien thinks something so sweet. I love this one because he is such an alpha male we expect him to possess her. But he feels the opposite, and I loved it.
“If someone could truly possess another person, she was doing so to him.”
Now I know my last 2 reviews have not been so flattering to the writing. This book was so much better! There was still a lot of over-thinking everything, but not to the extent that I wanted to skim or put the book down. This had so much more in it, both action and romance, that it was the best in the series, no doubt, but also it proved what I have said before- that the storyline for the whole series is amazing and that is why I kept reading. I think the world created is fantastic, and I am invested in the characters enough to keep reading even after a book I thought was -meh- So Damien being so great was a breath of fresh air, and a reminder as to why I kept reading even after Gideon.

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