Midnight Escape by Constance BretesMidnight Escape on June 21, 2019
Pages: 285
Format: eBook
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On the run from the mob, Suzanne discovers that hunky Jax is just the man she needs. 

Suzanne Pacheco is on the run from the mob after witnessing a murder and helping to put the killer in prison. Her trip across the country brings her to a small town in Alaska. But once again the mob's hitman has tracked her down. She's disheartened at the thought of leaving the town she's developed a real fondness for, but there's nothing else she can do. Until she finds help in the unlikeliest of places and embarks on an adventure like never before. 

Commercial fisherman Jax Devereaux has his hands full fishing for crabs in the formidable Bering Sea, but when Suzanne needs his help, he adds yet another thing to his list of responsibilities. He takes her with him to the one place he thinks she might be safe—the middle of the sea. But there's danger everywhere. Can he keep Suzanne safe, and will he lose his heart in the process? 

Content Warning: contains some sexual content 

Lately I feel like Romancelandia is inundated with dukes and billionaires. It’s nice to have a hero not be the over the top version of what we see as a billionaire.

The hero is a crab fisherman and he meets the heroine because he’s got food poisoning and she’s a nurse. It’s not your typical meet-cute, but it’s a refreshing change.

But she’s a nurse on the run. She witnessed a mob hit, and after the trial, she was at the top of everyone’s hit list. But the authorities couldn’t keep her safe. There was a leak in the Witness Protection program so she’s gone off on her own. In the middle of nowhere Alaska, she should be safe…right?

Can Jax keep her safe?

You can tell the author did her homework. The medical aspects are all spot on and the crab fishing scenes are as accurate as I could tell. (I am not a crab fisherman, though so feel free to tell me I’m wrong lol) The story flowed and the characters were likeable. Let me know down in the comments if you’ve read this, or if it sounds like it’s up your alley!

***I bought this book