Nicholas Antonio Soto was born in East Texas.
 His mother is Hawaiian and father is from Venezuela. I began training when I was 18 wanting to look good for the girls!,  but that soon led to a deep passion and true love for the sport of body building. Modeling has always been a dream of Nick’s and after all his hard work and dedication it’s come true. He’s been featured in Fitness mags, clothing catalogues and even a billboard. Nick admits he’d like to break into the romance industry and grace a cover or twenty.
Nick tells me, “I love to help people reach there fitness goals. Doing so brings me a deep satisfaction”. He is a private trainer and fitness model now and loves what he does, but also loves to travel and see new places. Another passion of his is hip hop dancing! Nick sees himself as very ambitious and always trying to better himself, NEVER being satisfied.
Recently he even donned his first fitness cover, but alas; is still not satisfied, lol. The future looks great for Nick. He is single and says. “When marriage does happen, I’ll be even more blessed!”
Special thanks to Nick for sharing about himself & his work.
His hard work shows!
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