Kiss of Moonlight

by Stephanie Julian
3.5 out of 5 flames
Kiss of Moonlight

Kyle is a lucani (essentially werewolf/shapeshifter) who does dangerous missions for the king. While his daughter, Cat, is visiting him she becomes interested in a new neighbor who is staying in an isolated cabin near their property. Reluctantly Kyle agrees to go check the woman out in his wolf form, after all how can any Dad worth his salt refuse his baby girl, and is immediately smitten by this wounded woman. At first he feels a little guilty for allowing her to pour out her secrets to him while she thinks he’s a harmless dog, but since he’s decided that he’ll get to the bottom of all her secrets the guilt is pretty short lived. Tamra, can’t believe how incredibly H-O-T her neighbor is and when she’s invited to dinner with him and his adorable daughter how can she refuse? Little does either one know that a chain of events is about to take place that will not only draw Tamra (a human) into a world she should never know about, but that both of their worlds are in danger from someone who is determined to harness the magic Kyle and his kind posses…any way they can.

Yeah, it goes without saying that Kyle is the man. Soldier – check. Doting father – check. Sexy alpha male – check, check, and check. In fact about the only thing he’s missing is some sort of sexy accent, but I guess we can forgive him that right? What I like is that Julian decides to take the granddaddy of Roman/Greek mythology, Etruscan, and build her gods, goddesses and magic from there. So it gives you a fascinating new look at a familiar world. She even puts a handy dictionary at the beginning so she doesn’t have to take up too much time explaining each new phrase which leaves more time for the action….all the action. *wink, wink*

There is a little disconnect with Tamra’s ‘troubles’ and how quickly she gets past them and I have a wee bit of a problem with that (at the risk of giving something away, even though it comes out pretty early on, she was the victim of rape and is at the cabin trying to recover not only physically but emotionally as well), but not enough that it detracts from the story, or from the chemistry between Kyle and Tamra. And there is plenty of chemistry. Overall a really good read and I can’t wait to see what happens to some of the other characters we meet.

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