Meet Ivan Rusilko, Man Candy of the week
I ran across this hunky brainiac while surfing Facebook and chatting with my friends over at MFM (Male Fitness I read an article that was posted about him and was very surprised I could even get past this photo. Oh my.
Well, you see what I mean!
Well if his absolutlely fantastic smile and looks weren’t enough, he’s a DOCTOR!
I know…Looks, brains and…yep, he even has a six pack under that sweater.
Holy Jesus! (faint)
…back now.
If you’d like to learn a little more about former Mister USA World 2010, you can visit his website:
or just sit frozen & drooling on your computer screen after seeing these other pictures… J/K.
How can anyone be this sexy with his clothes ON!
Well readers, welcome our newest member of the Man Candy land of DemonLover books and more!