Immortal Sea (Children of the Sea, #4)Immortal Sea by Virginia Kantra

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Some spoilers throughout the review

Morgan is one of the finfolk-a shape shifter- who is in charge of rebuilding Sanctuary. The selkie Prince Conn is back on World’s End with Lucy to see her family at a baby christening. Morgan has come to World’s End for both the christening and to speak with Conn, when his disdain for humanity is changed forever.

I really enjoyed reading from primarily Morgan’s pov. How often do we get more of the hero than the heroine? I loved it.

My favorite part about this book was watching Morgan not just fall in love, but LEARN to love. It was such a heartwarming tale of love, loss and learning to love.

Morgan is a lord of the finfolk, and he and Liz had one steamy night together about 16 yrs ago. She has recently moved to World’s End for a fresh start after her husband died and her teenage son began rebelling.

Morgan was standing on a corner when he heard something catch his attention. Then he saw Zack. And his heart stopped. Even though Zack had died black hair, and black eyeliner and nailpolish…but he had the same eyes as Morgan…

We also got some pov shifts to Zack. He’s your average 15 yr old boy, Oh except that he can shift into a great white shark.

Zack is part of the finfolk, or the merfolk. And I loved how when Morgan told Liz what Zack was, she asked him “You’re Finnish?” lol…not finfolk from Finland, but from beneath the waves.

But it was a sweet love story and I loved catching up with the others from the series. Mabye we’ll see Conn and Lucy get their wedding one day?

I wish that there had been more in the sense of the demonic element, and a bit more suspense and good vs evil, but that wasn’t the focus of this book like with Reggie and Dylan’s. This focused more on Morgan learning to feel, and to love. And it was so romantic.

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