How to Save an Undead Life by Hailey EdwardsHow to Save an Undead Life by Hailey Edwards
Series: Beginner's Guide to Necromancy #1
on August 19, 2017
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 234
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited, Purchased
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Grier Woolworth spends her nights weaving spooky tales of lost souls and tragedies for tourists on the streets of downtown Savannah. Hoop skirt and parasol aside, it's not a bad gig. The pay is crap, but the tips keep the lights on in her personal haunted mansion and her pantry stocked with ramen.

Life is about as normal as it gets for an ex-necromancer hiding among humans. Until the society that excommunicated Grier offers her a second chance at being more than ordinary. Too bad no one warned her the trouble with being extraordinary is it can get you killed.

Warning: This book contains one ex-con/ex-heiress with a pet zombie parakeet who lives next door to her ex-army/ex-crush. Brace yourselves, we're talking more exes than a pirate treasure map here.

I really enjoyed Hailey Edwards’ Foundling series, so when I saw her backlist on Kindle Unlimited I wanted to check it out. After asking around, a friend said to start the Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy series. I did, not really expecting to enjoy it this much, but I really like the world she’s created.

I will say that her voice takes some getting used to for me. It was the same in the Foundling series. This author uses a lot A LOT of similes and everything is like something else, and once I got over that, I was able to fall right into the storyline. And what a storyline!

The blurb doesn’t do this book justice.

When she was 16, Grier Woolworth was sent to a magical prison for killing her guardian. This book picks up after her release. Grier is heir to the Woolworth line, because in this world, the necromancers have magic. They can make vampires, which is very profitable. The only thing revered more in Necromancer High Society than money, is power. Grier has a whole lot of power. But she doesn’t know it. Her memory is also really messed up courtesy of the magical prison she’s been trapped in for the past 5 or 6 years.

She is just trying to get back to normal, but she doesn’t know what normal really is anymore. And in the mean time, everyone wants a piece of her. The suave vampire who wants to court her. The scary stalker she seems to have who wants something, and her childhood crush Boaz Pritchard. He’s Low Society, and she grew up High Society, but she’s neither right now, and he loves her for who she is, not for what she can do. The main problem is that everyone seems to know something about her that she doesn’t. Something big is about to go down, and she’s in the dark.

I haven’t decided if I like Boaz as a love interest, and I think that a girl who’s 21 and has been in a magical prison since she was 16, and endured unspeakable horrors isn’t really in the right space to look at a love interest anyway. But since I do love a good romantic storyline, I don’t mind seeing all the potential men in her life vie for her attention.

I do like seeing her growing into the powers she’s got and I really look forward to finding out how powerful she will become.

This series has hooked me to the point of ignoring other things. I think my entire Kindle Unlimited experience will be completely worth it just because I can read all these books. I think there are 4, so expect to hear more about this!