My rating: 4 of 5 Flames

Nineteen year old Remy King and her eight year old brother Max have been living at a quarantine, both have been separated; Remy placed with a roomful of other girls & Max in the medical wing. The quarantine is attacked by zombies, Remy escapes; and another girl named Harlow decides to tag along. Remy searches for Max, but her brother was already evacuated out first with the medical staff. Remy will stop at nothing to find him.

Throughout the book, Remy shows incredible strength and kick-ass zombie killing skills. She heads north to where she thinks another quarantine is and she assumes her brother was taken. During this journey she saves a lion, runs into a doctor named Blue and a former bass player/Rock Star named Lazlo. Remy is a strong, confident character with a will to keep it all together even though she’s lost so much. She is determined to find her brother and protect him above all. The relationship that forms between Remy and Lazlo is a strange one; each one pushing the other’s buttons. Harlow from the quarantine recognizes Lazlo and immediately has a crush on him, though that interest is not returned. He only has eyes for Remy.

So much happens in this first book, I was hooked! All I can say is that I was riveted by the pure unadulterated zombie beat-downs and action packed moments. Hocking keeps you glued to the story.

Special thanks to Brilliance audio for the review copy of this audio book.

Books stats:
Audio CD
Published July 3rd 2012 by Brilliance Corporation
(first published October 1st 2010)
ISBN 1455857297 (ISBN13: 9781455857296)
Edition language: English
The Hollows series #1

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