Highland Warrior – Hannah Howell

5 Stars

This is an older book but one of my all time favorites of Hannah Howell’s Highlander Series.  She is by far one of my favorite go to author’s for a great Highlander story.  I happened to have been going through my collection of books and ran across this one.  I just had to re-read it! 
Fiona MacEnroy – aka “Fiona of the ten knives” has a mad man on the hunt for her, but having been kept under constant watch and never having a moment to herself she can’t help but take flight at the first chance she gets.  Unfortunately for her (or maybe fortunately for her) she ends up being tossed by the cantankerous horse she stole from her Laird/Brother Conner’s stable.  Just when she realizes she’s lost; a dozen highland warriors show up.  Now our Fiona is not one to be cowed – she was raised by her brother and was trained to fight among other things so what does she do?  She faces off with the warriors and demands their surrender (AS IF!) 
Ewan MacFingal a battle seasoned and scared warrior can’t believe his eyes!  Standing ready to fight is this little bit of a female, dressed in young lad’s clothes, all alone with a sword in one hand and a dagger in the other; ready to face off with a dozen men?  Ewan decides to confront her by himself seeing her as no real threat at all.  He figures this could make for an easy way to earn some much needed money for his clan.  He’ll capture her and hold her for ransom easy money right? Wrong! 

Excerpt – “Ye cannae be thinking to fight with me, lass,” he said, scowling at her.
            “And why shouldnae I?” Fiona asked.
            “Because I am a mon, bigger than ye in height and breadth.”
            “I did notice that.”
            “Then ye will nay be fighting with me,” Ewan said,
            “They do say the bigger a mon is, the harder he will fall,” she murmured.
            “Then old Ewan ought to fair shake the ground,” said the young man holding
            the reins of the dark man’s horse, and the other men chuckled.
            “I willnae fight a wee lass,” Ewan said.
            “Ah, that is a relief as I had no real urge to get all asweat and weary.
            So, I accept your surrender.”

Not only does Fiona not go down without a fight she then refuses to give up the name of her clan.  She knows that her clan can’t afford to pay out a ransom for her. She decides she is safer with Ewan than trying to find her way home on her own. If she doesn’t know where exactly she is, then neither does Madman Menzie the man who has been trying to force her to accept his hand in marriage and the man who has left her with several scars including one on each of her cheeks.  You will undoubtedly enjoy the banter between Fiona and Ewan watching them struggle to overcome their insecurities and find true love.  
This is one of a series of Highlander books by Hannah Howell and can be read alone, but I personally suggest you read ALL of her books.  I’ve read everything she’s written and enjoyed them all. I was at a local store the other day and was very excited to see a new release on the shelf.  This one is from her Wherlockes’s Series “If He’s Tempted”.  I bought it instantly. 

Her website – http://hannahhowell.com/