A Guest Review by fellow blogger Picked by Poison , who was kind enough to help us out.

I received this from an overwhelmed friend, who kindly asked if I could read/review a couple books. O course I could! So without further ado, here is my review of Daughter of Lust

4 Flames

Natalia is coming of age where her demonic nature starts to come out. However, since she is unaware of the fact she is a Camion (Half-demon, Half-human) she start to think her emotions and feelings aren’t normal for a woman her age. She is seeking her father, who has problems, when she nearly slits Gregor Trezent’s throat. A wealthy businessman, who was ready to have her killed, but decides to let her go and then orders her under his protection. She has feelings for him, but is unclear as to what depths they are yet… As her powers start to come out she’s ashamed and scared of the feelings she can sense of others and the feelings they stir within her. A chance encounter with the neighboring boy Vicktor, now a man, has her seeing things that make her panties in a bunch. She comes to find out who her real father is another chance encounter where he is in human form with his top concubine, Galina. He tells her who she is and who he is, she’s a disbeliever at first until her heart can’t deny it. He then binds her to him as his daughter and disappears leaving her thinking it was a bad dream. She is finally understanding her powers and how they make her feel and how best to yield them, but she must first learn to control them. She unknowingly lets her powers loose and things go from bad to Hell real quick. She comes to find out things are nothing like what she was lead to believe Hell would be like.

Enter Raum, or as Natalia knew him, Vicktor. Raum is one of Asmodeus’ alibis and son of Belal and one of the Guards to Asmodeus. He was sent to the human world to watch Natalia and help her come into her powers, but when she let her powers loose, a group of demons goes on a hunt to find her and he is forced to bring her to Hell for protection. He comes to realize that she could be a potential mate for him, but first she must be recognized by the Prince’s emissaries as the true daughter of Asmodeus. He is sworn to protect her, but it becomes difficult when her powers and human family are put in danger and the consequences unleashes the Angelic Horde upon earth in search of her, and they flee.

The story started slow as we see Natalia struggle to come to grips with her mew feelings and powers,but progresses nicely as her powers form and she meets Vicktor and Gregor on several occasions. And once in Hell she get to truly see how some actions have dire consequences for loved ones. I’m’ not going to ruin the ending, but I will say it was not as intense as I had hoped it would be. It left me lackinghttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif and wondering what did really happen once the Angelic Horde found them? In the epilogue I am completely left wondering what happens when Angels and Demons meet and how anyone survives? Other than that, I loved Ann’s take on how Hell isn’t as most religions portray it. There are places in hell which resemble the human world and even have luxuries. Her take on Demons and Angels is refreshing as well, with Demons of all sorts of skin and eye color, but what was interesting was how she describes their eyes, it reminds me of crude oil, black, but when seen right there are streaks of color in it. Same type of thing goes for angels, they all aren’t like humans with white wings of feathers and yes, they DO yield weapons, and I don’t mean a harp.

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