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My rating: 4.5 of 5 flamess

This is a very quiet book. What I mean by that, is that it’s very understated and doesn’t have a whole lot of action. And yet…for a book that doesn’t have a whole lot going on, this book has a whole lot going on! (bear with me, I know that doesn’t make sense). What I mean is that while there isn’t a lot of action, there are a lot of things happening. There’s an auction, there’s the romance, there’s a ball, there’s a backstabbing friend, a couple of men from London wreaking havoc on her new life, there are so many things happening, you don’t feel you’ve missed out on anything.

Evie is a recently widowed countess who has decided that for now, it’s best she retire to the country. The ton has made no bones about the fact that she isn’t welcome. In fact, because her husband was older, and died so quickly after she married, they think she did it (for the money, of course, which is ridiculous). Her late husband’s lands were all entailed, so she gets a tiny stipend every month, and a small cottage that he won in a card game. Sort of ironic seeing as he won Evie in a card game.

Eve was a courtesan, and once she married she truly hoped she could settle down and just enjoy her new life. But she finds herself exiled to the country, and praying they don’t know of her reputation there.
Adam Sylvaine is the vicar and the first time he sees Eve, he notices that she is asleep. During his sermon. No one ever falls asleep during his sermons. Not only is he graced with the looks of an angel, but his voice holds people rapt, women especially.

Eve feels so ridiculous for both falling asleep in church, and for the way she treated the vicar. (he startled her, and she jumped and shouted something rude), so she decides to invite him over. But of course, he sees right through her manipulations and just asks why she brought him here. Her answer shocked him. She wants friends. As simple as that, but also, not simple at all. The people of Pennyroyal green all think they know Eve and her reputation. But they only know what they’ve heard.

Adam and Eve’s (oh Lord I just got the significance of the names! How did I miss that?!) relationship is hard because if they do anything, he will be shunned, and his life that he truly enjoys as vicar will be over. For Eve’s part, she feels things towards Adam that she’s either never known, or never allowed herself to feel. There are a couple scenes that make you want to applaud Evie for handling them so well, and there are scenes that will break your heart.

I have to stop here, because I don’t want to give away the story and so many of its nuances, but please read this one. You will not regret it at all! It may be the 7th book in the series, but it works well as a stand-alone. I found myself held rapt to the pages, the writing and story riveted me.

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