Fated Blades by Ilona AndrewsFated Blades Series: Kinsmen Universe
Published by Montlake Publishing on November 23, 2021
Genres: Futuristic, PNR
Pages: 222
Format: eBook
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An uneasy alliance between warring families gets heated in this otherworldly novella from bestselling author Ilona Andrews.

At first glance, the planet Rada seems like a lush paradise. But the ruling families, all boasting genetically enhanced abilities, are in constant competition for power?and none more so than the Adlers and the Baenas. For generations, the powerful families have pushed and pulled each other in a dance for dominance.

Until a catastrophic betrayal from within changes everything.

Now, deadly, disciplined, and solitary leaders Ramona Adler and Matias Baena must put aside their enmity and work together in secret to prevent sinister forces from exploiting universe-altering technology. Expecting to suffer through their uneasy alliance, Ramona and Matias instead discover that they understand each other as no one in their families can?and that their combined skills may eclipse the risks of their forbidden alliance.

As the two warriors risk their lives to save their families, they must decide whether to resist or embrace the passion simmering between them. For now, the dance between their families continues?but just one misstep could spell the end of them both.

I love Ilona Andrews. Their Hidden Legacy series is my comfort read. I mean, I’ve read everything they’ve written. I’ve re-read everything they’ve written. Including the Kinsman series., a lesser-known series that consisted of 3 short stories. The Fated Blades story is part of their Kinsmen universe (Books can be found here) It takes place on another planet, and the Kinsmen are the…think, nobility of the area. They have a special talent…not all, but many. And two of those families have a generations-old feud. The Baenas and the Adlers.

They usually avoid each other at all costs, and when in public, are painfully polite to each other so as not to cause offense. So when Ramona Adler walks into Matias Baenas’ office and seeks a meeting, it turns him on his head.

Ramona is there to ask for Matias’ help. Apparently her husband and his wife have run off with all of the tech their respective companies had on a certain project. Both had marriages of convenience* and now both would have to team up to rectify this situation. Quietly though, because if anyone knew what had happened in their companies, their enemies would swoop in. The information stolen and put on the black market could upend the entire universe. So now they need to work together. Working together but without anyone finding out has its difficulties…and its perks.

It turns out that there is more going on that just a couple of bored spouses looking for excitement. Someone is pulling their strings, and when Matias and Ramona find out who, it’s not good. It’s going to test them and they will need to use every weapon at their disposal, including their talents. They are secare and can create energy blades and shields and when they partner up, they are unstoppable.

I loved these two together from the first instant. The way they get to know each other, the way they compliment each other, and the fact that they form a true partnership in every sense of the word was just brilliant. This series feels a lot like their Edge or Innkeeper series and I love those both so much as well! Ramona and Matias start off as enemies, are forced into a partnership, only to become true partners, and with every word you fall a little bit in love with them as a couple. With Ilona Andrews’ beautiful worldbuilding and the gift they have for creating characters who you care about, this book is absolutely amazing. And can I just say how beautiful the cover is? It captures a certain scene perfectly, and I would love to see the old short stories get covers to match this one. It’s just gorgeous.

*There is no cheating here

***I bought this book