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Falling For The GravekeeperFalling For the Gravekeeper: Conrad's Story by Gena Showalter, Jill Monroe
Series: A Jane Ladling Mystery #4
on March 27, 2023
Genres: Cozy Mystery
Pages: 187
Format: eBook
Source: Advance Reader Copy
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Jane Ladling told her side of the story. Now Special Agent Conrad Ryan tells his.

Welcome to Aurelian Hills, a small town rich in history and community, and six feet deep in murder.

When a local playboy doctor is found dead in an unearthed grave, Conrad is on the case. But this loner by choice is ill prepared for the cemetery’s quirky owner. A beautiful brunette with a curious nature, a fascination with cats, hats and a talent for distracting him. Doesn’t help when she, well, tries to help, and constantly inserts herself into the investigation.

With suspects stacking up, wild theories flying and a would-be amateur sleuth giving him a run for his money, Conrad must do what he does best. Buckle down, piece together the evidence and save the day. What he won’t do? Fall for the enchanting gravekeeper. Not him. No way.

This cozy mystery series has had me hooked from the first book! And now…we get Conrad’s point of view from the first meeting up until the end of that first book.

Jane Ladling is the last of the Ladlings and has inherited the family business; she owns an old cemetery and she is the caretaker and runs the tours. In her small town in Georgia, she’s always been known as “Cemetery Girl,” and she’s okay with that. She has her bestie Rolex, the best cat ever, and she has her grandmother’s best friend, now her best friend, Fiona. Life is good. Until a body is discovered in her cemetery.

This book starts with Conrad, the lead agent on the case, and he is not only instantly enamored with Jane and her quirky ways, but he’s absolutely 100% certain she’s not the killer. Now he has to prove it.

I loved his inner thoughts, and I love what it brings to the series. I didn’t feel like I was getting the exact same book but the hero’s point of view. I feel like this book provided new insight, into both Jane and Conrad, and it really just adds so much to the overall series. I will say that seeing Conrad’s inner thoughts about Jane make me love her even more. He truly sees inside of her to her gooey center and he understands her reasons for pushing him away. And he never once sees her as weird. He loves the way her mind works, and he falls hard for Jane. He’s excellent hero material.

I love the series, I love the authors’ sense of humor, and I adore Jane. This book really drives home how much Conrad adores Jane too. This series is so fun and sweet and heartwarming, even if there is a dead body with each book. 😉

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