Energized by Mary BehreEnergized by Mary Behre
Series: Tidewater #3
Published by berkley on August 4, 2015
Genres: PNR
Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
Source: Advance Reader Copy
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In the new Tidewater novel by the author of Guarded, a kiss between strangers draws both into unexpected danger and unforgettable desire...

She’s searching for a sign...

Hannah Halloran has always believed in her gift. The things she sees through her psychic touch have never led her wrong before. Not when they led her to an unforgettable night with a sexy Marine at a bar. Not when she felt a need to leave her home and find the sisters she barely knows. And not now, when she is an unwilling witness to a brutal murder...

He’s ready to show her...

All Niall Graham wants is some peace. He’s recovering from the horrors of war, struggling to save his family’s restaurant, and desperate to forget Hannah, the beautiful woman who left him with memories of a mind-blowing night together and a bogus phone number. But a quiet life is hard to manage—especially when Hannah strides back into his restaurant with the news that a serial killer is on the loose and lurking closer than anyone could have guessed...

This series has been a good one. It’s got some paranormal elements, and this is the third sister, Hannah who has visions when she touches certain objects. When I say Paranormal Romance, I think we all think shifters or vampires. This is more along the lines of psychic gifts and ghostly visitors. There’s also a suspenseful element that definitely had me guessing for the whole book.

Hannah has gotten visions since she can remember, and since being separated from her sisters when she was younger, her visions have never steered her wrong. That’s why when she has a vision leading her to Tidewater, she heads back. But she drags her feet once there, not actually wanting to meet her sisters, who have both made their way back to Tidewater as well.

Hannah needs to earn some money, so she picks up a serving job at a restaurant. This is where the mystery picks up. she’s washing dishes and when she touches a knife, she “sees” a murder. But she tries to hide her “quirks” from her new boss. Her new boss who coincidentally is someone she’s met before.

Niall is just trying to regain his footing after leaving the Marines, and he’s taken over the family restaurant. But his brother is less than helpful, his restaurant should be thriving but isn’t, and he can’t stop thinking about his new hire. Especially since he and Hannah had a night of red hot passion but she gave him a wrong number. Now that she’s back in his life, he’s annoyed she gave him a fake number, but he still can’t get her out of his mind.

For her part, Hannah didn’t realize she’d given him a wrong number, but more than her hunky boss, this vision of a murder keeps haunting her. The big question is whether she can get Niall to believe her.

The main thing that bothered me with this book-the fact that the sisters have been looking for her, and she knows they’re there, but she doesn’t want to go through with it. I felt like it was such an important part of the past couple books, that it shouldn’t have been pushed aside like it was.

The mystery was well-done, because I sure didn’t catch on! I like how Niall believed Hannah early on, and that the Big Misunderstanding wasn’t dragged out. I’ve enjoyed this series, in general, and I like how each sister has her own memories of their mother, but when they put all of them together, the memories paint a bigger picture. I wouldn’t mind seeing more books set in Tidewater, I think it would be fun.

***ARC courtesy of Berkley