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Hi guys! I wanted to have a quick chat about the blog. I feel like this year I had a lot more DNFs, but I also noticed I tended to read a lot more of what I wanted, rather than just review books. That was fun for me, reading more of what I preferred, more of what I was in the mood for, than books for review only.

I think that’s going to be how it goes this next year as well. I’m pretty much the only one posting on here, and with three kids, and sports, and nap time, and school runs, it gets overwhelming. Meanwhile I hope to have 3 more new releases this year!

To me, that means, time is precious, and I just don’t have enough of it to read every book I want to (do any of us? lol how many of us have a giant to-read list?)

So in honor of our giant to-be-read lists, if you blog readers have any requests, I think I’d like to hear them. Would you prefer more PNR? Or fewer new books and more backlist? Let me know in the comments.

Oh! and before we go, I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but All Romance eBooks is closing and they’ll be taking your ebook libraries with it. You literally have until midnight tonight to get your library downloaded. It’s a bunch of crap, and if you want to know more of what’s going on, head over to my author blog. I’m truly sorry for all of us, what a way to end 2016.