Jenna Maclaine has a BA in history from North Georgia College & State University. She lives on a beautiful family farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. When she’s not at her keyboard, you can usually find her either feeding or cleaning up after something with four legs. Jenna is the author of three novels and four short stories in the Cin Craven series. She is eagerly awaiting spring, when her busy farm life settles down and she can get back to writing the fourth book of her series! 

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked when I tell people I write vampire books is, “Why vampires?” Well, why not? They’re really fun to write and I like paranormal reads. I’m sure there are a lot of wonderful novels out there about normal girls with normal lives, but I want a bit of escapism in my books. At the moment, the most interesting part of my day is watching the doomed love story between the neighbors’ slutty tabby and my neutered barn cat, Jasper. I live on a family farm and I’m responsible for the daily care and feeding of 35 sheep, 3 llamas, 3 alpacas, 4 dogs and 12 cats. A dear friend once tried to talk me into playing Farmville on Facebook and I said, “Honey, I play Farmville in real life every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If I had time to play a game on the computer, it would be something like Lifestyles of the Rich and Not Covered in Sheep Snot. I want to get done with evening chores and play Farmville about as much as you’d want put the kids to bed at night and log on to play Being a Mommy and Raising Children.” When I sit down to read, I want to read about ass-kicking heroes and heroines who fight for the Greater Good and who, for just a little while, take me away from my perfectly normal life.

That’s why I write about vampires. They’re young forever and, since some of my joints are starting to sound a lot like Rice Krispie treats, that appeals to me. They have vampire strength, which I damned sure wish I had every time I lift a bale of hay or a bag of sheep feed. They don’t worry about making their credit card payments and I’ve never heard of one who had to clean the litter box. Cin, the vampire heroine of my books, also has magic. As someone who once locked three (yes, three!) sets of car keys in her vehicle, I can tell you that would really come in handy sometimes. Mostly, though, I write about vampires because I love history and with vampires I can write about any time period I want and still use the same characters.

There is, however, a dark side to writing (and reading, and watching) paranormal fiction— it gives you a vast and interesting array of fears and phobias that most people don’t have. I once accidentally stepped out of a crowded building into a deserted alley and being mugged was not the first thing that crossed my mind. No, it was: “Oh, shit! I’m vampire food!” I’m also relatively certain that werewolves (and possibly Sasquatch) live in my woods. One night, under a full moon, I was driving the golf cart back home from the barn and caught a glimpse of a dark shape running alongside me. My werewolf phobia kicked in and I hit the gas, experiencing a moment of panic as it sped up too… until I realized the “werewolf” was just the shadow cast by the roof of the golf cart in the full moon! I carry a machete in my truck and tell people it’s because I learned from Buffy that unless you cut off their heads, the bad guys always come back. And thanks to Sam and Dean Winchester, I own more salt than I’ll ever use for food preparation and my heart skips a beat every time the lights flicker.

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