Dating the UndeadDating the Undead by Gena Showalter

My rating: 4 of 5 flames

This was a really fun read.

It’s like an issue of Cosmo for the girl who’s dating an Immortal. This book/magazine has it all from horoscopes to the latest fashion for your undead boyfriend. The quizzes cracked me up, and I guess I’m “ready, willing and eager to date a creature of the otherworld.”

The article “Nine Reasons We Crave Immortals” is fun and tongue-in-cheek. The Speculation if certain movie stars are undead *cough* Johnny Depp’s a vampire *cough* had me thinking that the pictures they used were perfect!

Some of my favorite parts were the ads. There were pictures of waif-like beauties, and lean, built men, and beneath it would say

“Coffin Klein”

“LL Brain” for all your zombie fashion needs lol

“Recover Girl” to cover up those vampire love bites

“Jimmy Chew”

“Vladmir’s Secret”

Okay I could go on all day. Bottom line: Get this book/magazine, it’s friggin’ hysterical!

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