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Greetings from the Got Fiction bloggers Witches!


Halloween is here and the Book Savvy Babes/ Got Fiction merger is in full swing!  In celebration of all the awesomeness, we decided to throw a flash-follower giveaway, Halloween style!

One Winner will receive a $15 Amazon Gift Card, or a book from the Book Depository.

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Contest will be open from today October 30 through Saturday November 2.  Winner will be chosen and announced on Sunday, November 3.

In the Halloween spirit, and in hopes of allowing you readers to get to know us all better, all the Got Fiction Bloggers have pitched in a fun Halloween/scary/spooky story to share.  We are looking forward to reading all your experiences as well!

 Scary Story from Keri, The Book Heroine:

We moved into an apartment here in NorCal. It was the same apartment my brother and sister-in-law lived in before moving into their new house only two miles away. A few weeks into living there, I had a rough night of sleep. I didn’t have to work the next day so I was a little frustrated that I wasn’t able to catch up on sleep. I kept having nightmares about spiders. One night, I woke up around 2 AM with a horrible feeling in my stomach. I looked up towards the ceiling and a huge spider was threading it’s way down toward my face! I screamed, woke up my husband, turn on the light and pulled all the sheets off the bed searching for the creature that haunts me more than anything else in the world. We found nothing.

A week later, we were having dinner with my in-laws on their patio. As we were chowing on BBQ, my SIL screamed and pointed toward the corner of the patio cover. A black widow was dining on a moth. My BIL laughed as he went to grab bug spray, “Hey babe, you should tell them why you’re so freaked about the spiders!” She shuddered, “A week ago I woke up and I swear there was a spider about to drop on my face! I sat up screaming and we tore the bed apart, but we didn’t find anything.” I looked at my husband and asked her, “Do you remember what time?” She gave me a puzzled look, “Yeah, I only remember because I knew I had to wake up four hours later. It was 2 AM.”

The Book Heroine

Laurie, The Highland Hussy’s Creepy Story:

So once upon a time back in ’99 or 2000, my friends and I went to see The Blair Witch Project. Afterwards, we wanted to do something scary or creepy, so one of the guys suggested the house on Sunset. Everyone nodded and agreed. I was like, What house on Sunset? So I asked. Apparently there was a gorgeous house in primo real estate, across from mike Tyson’s house. I knew the area but I couldn’t figure out where this house was. Well the guys and I drove over there, and it was a great house in the middle of a popular area but it was abandoned. The story is no one stays long and it’s constantly being bought/sold. So we creep up to a boarded window and peer in. The whole kitchen is gutted from fire. The ceiling shows the second story and there are scorch marks. Well the chandelier is on the kitchen counter. It comes crashing down. We start sprinting down the drive! After a second we realize how silly we are, we laugh it off and go back up. When we look back in, the chandelier is BACK ON THE COUNTER! There were easily 8 or 9 of us who saw this. We hauled away from that place. And btw it’s still abandoned, 13 yrs later.


Scary Story from Alicia, The Novel Strumpet:

I have members of my family who see spirits, while I haven’t (thank goodness) inherited that gift, things do “touch” me. I can’t sleep without a nightlight/noise because otherwise I hear things calling my name and they tug on my bed clothes/pounce on me. No lie. But the scariest time ever was in college. We had a truly “evil” building on campus that no one in our department wanted to go in alone, of course we decided to have a Halloween party there. Being Theatre majors we decked the place out, and I headed down to the only restroom that was in that part of the building which was in the basement right next to the boiler room. While I was down there the boiler kicked in and a horrible smell – like sulfur and rot – started to permeate the room. I was down there alone so quickly got dressed. Suddenly a banging noise started, like a clang of shoes on tile, faint at first but it started getting louder and the smell kept getting stronger. The room started to get warmer, too.

I got so freaked out, I mean I knew it had something to do with the boiler, but my imagination started to go wild. I gathered my stuff and ran for the door to find it locked. I banged and banged on it, screamed and screamed, but no one could hear me b/c they were all upstairs and the music had started. The sound, smell and heat just kept building and suddenly I realized….I was at the wrong door. There was another, not 5 feet away on the other side of a small partition, so I sprinted to that one, threw it open and ran up the stairs.

Of course I told everyone and we all had a good laugh, but at the time I had never been so freaked out.


Heather, Book Savvy Babe’s Quija Experience:

So, I don’t often get scared as an adult.  I am that person in the “scary” movie that cracks up laughing when everyone else screams.  I was easier to scare as a kid and teenager.  When I was about 15, I went to a slumber party and my girlfriends and I decided to give the Quija Board thing a try.  I have no idea if the thing worked or not, I don’t even remember what we asked (probably along the lines of boyfriends…).  I do remember that once we got bored and started to put the Quija board away, the atmosphere in the room changed.  One of those quiet moments came upon us and seemingly out-of-nowhere our candle flickered out.  There were no windows open or closing door, just the candle that flickered and went out.  Us teenaged girls squealed, argued about air currents, and took it as a sign that the Quija board should stay put away.  I’m still not sure that I would ever give the Quija board another try.


  Kelly, DemonLover’s Creepy Experience:

When I was little, maybe 10-11 years old my older sister used to do all sorts of things to creep me out during the Halloween season. One night she was having a sleep over with friends and thought it would be funny to do the Bloody Mary ritual. What that included was going into the bathroom, turning off all the lights and repeating “Bloody Mary” while looking in the mirror. A few of the girls went giggling into the bathroom and came out laughing and joking around. My sister all but called me a coward, and dared me to do it too. So I figured this was so silly and what would it hurt to try… I turned out the lights and stood there looking in the mirror. I could barely see my own reflection; and started the chant…”Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary” I saw something in the mirror at the edge, maybe a movement behind me. The room got colder and I didn’t find this so funny anymore. I looked be hind me and when I turned back, she was there. At least I think something was, faint and staring back at me. I screamed! Turned on the light and she was gone, nothing in the mirror. Nothing in the bathroom anywhere. I still don’t know if it was real or imagined. I still don’t like dark bathrooms and mirrors….ick.

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