Book 22
The Pirate, The Adventurer & The Cowboy
by Jane Ann Krentz
3 Books in one!
Book 23
by Lynn LaFleur

Seduction's Spell
On the banks of a sleepy turn of the Rose River in North Texas sits a charming antebellum mansion—an intimate resort owned by ravishing hostess Isabella “Belle” Partricelli. This inn exists for one purpose alone: to bring couples together by fulfilling their every secret longing and satisfying their most sensuous needs…

Guests come to Belle On The Bend sharing one thing in common: they all desperately long to experience a passion that is missing from their lives. Maggie is here because her wealthy husband gives her everything she could possibly wish for—but not what she desires the most. Supermodel Yvonne is the object of every man’s fantasy—yet no man can satisfy her. And pro-football star Vince is willing to do whatever it takes to win back his wife and set fire to a love that has long since gone cold.

Under the bewitching Belle’s sensual guidance, those who come to this remarkable place seeking fulfillment will find pleasure beyond their wildest dreams—for no woman or man who enters can resist the sweet allure of . . . Seduction’s Spell!

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