Yours For EternityYours For Eternity by Hannah Howell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Highland Blood” by Hannah Howell-4 stars.
Definitely her best work yet, no doubt. It ended a bit abruptly, but I loved the red-haired “witch” (healer) who saved and tried to rear a vampire halfling. And after a couple years, when she realized he needed more than she could give, she tried to find the MacNachton clan…and did. But not before she got chased down by the Hunters (humans who feel they’re doing God’s work by exterminating the vampires). That’s when our hero stepped in and saved her and the little boy. You can guess the rest πŸ™‚
Sweet story, great action.

Alexandra Ivy’s “Taken by Darkness”-5 stars
Fantastic addition to her series. Anyone who has read her Guardians of Eternity series will love this. It’s about Dante’s brother, but this takes place in the 1800s.
Very cool story about a vampire who meets a woman who is his mate, but he’s in denial about it so he cavorts in Italy for 6 months before returning to London.
She is the only woman who has ever said no to him, and he intends to persuade her otherwise.
Love the story-loved it!

“Immortal Dreams” by Kaitlin O’Riley-4 stars
I loved this story. I absolutely loved the vampire still looking for his long lost soul mate. Beautifully written, and I will definitely read this author again.
So why not a 5 star you ask? I’ll tell you.
At the end, Grace’s controlling and tyrant of a mother-in-law never “got hers” so-to-speak. She had Grace committed for crying out loud! And Grace and Phillip just escaped like thieves in the night. It was soo unsatisfying an ending I bumped the story down a full star! grr…I’d have LOVED her MIL to have at least been kicked out. When Grace actually stood up to Mary, I was like “Finally! This is what we’ve been waiting for!” But the story itself and the love was sweet and beautiful.

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