by AP Miller
Under the Mistletoe (Christmas Wishes)
4 Flames = SMOKIN HOT

Miranda Harris, successful Event Planner in NYC, fears Christmas. Every year she goes home for the holidays single. The men in her life never stay or can’t commit. All Miranda wants for Christmas is good man who will love her, without provisions. Then she meets Donnie Brockaway.

Donnie Brockaway is used to getting what he wants. Only problem is that he is forced to take a wife of his Father’s approval or risk loosing his inheritance and the merging of the two companies. He wants a union out of love, so when he meets Miranda Harris the sparks fly and Donnie isn’t concerned about what his father thinks.

My Thoughts:

AP Miller does it right on thier newest short story. One thing that draws me to a book is being able to identify with the characters. Every woman can identify with Miranda Harris on some level, mainly because she is showing us glimpses of our own life…some moments better then others. I found it very hard to believe this was only 60 pages long. AP blended this short story perfectly and definately covered all the bases.

Miranda never quite seems to be lucky in love and decides it’s time to take action and make some changes…sexy shoes, sexy clothes and maybe doing some detective work when it come to the hunky businessman, Donnie Brockaway, she saw in the paper. But what happens when your dream man moves in next door? and it turns out he’s engaged to another woman!

Donnie never thought he’d meet a woman like her, let alone in his buildings elevator; then come to find out she’s but one door down. Phermones fly and the air sizzles just being next to her and he’s got to make the next move. Wine and pizza in hand he makes his approach, and finds that even her answering the door in cartoon PJs turns him on.

There’s so much more to this story then the sexy neighbor and really enjoyable carpet burn. It’s erotica with substance, and I liked it.
I’m just glad the full length version will be slated for release in Dec 2011 in time for Christmas.
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