Wow. A fantastic ending for the Stud Club…Remember how I’d wished we had gotten to know Leo more in the previous two books, well, I got my wish.
And Julian Bellamy became more than just the hero of the book. He will definitely be one who sticks with me…even if he could be an unmitigated ass at times. Just ask Lily, those are her words!
I liked the idea of the Stud Club, and I liked how the theme of Leo’s murder set off such a chain of events throughout the trilogy. I was a bit unsatisfied that the second book Twice Tempted by a Rogue didn’t delve much into the Stud Club or Leo, but this book showed much more of Leo’s reasoning behind the Stud Club, and showed us not to believe everything Ms. Dare writes…a big secret from Twice Tempted became a big lie in Three Nights!
My only complaint was that without putting more of the Stud Club in the second book, some of the things in the third book (at the end) came as a bit of a random surprise. I think it forced the ending a bit too quickly, but Julian was such a fantasticly tortured hero that it made up for some of the book’s shortcomings.
Lily was a strong heroine who had let her deafness keep her from public appearances, and Julian helped her to step back into society, all with the intention of finding her a husband, even though he’d been in love with her from day one.
The ending, as I mentioned, was quite a surprise, and I never ever would have guessed the details of Mr. Peter Faraday.
I just want to say how much I loved Julian and Lily, and I wish that Claudia would get her own later on, and maybe Faraday can have a small role in that one.
5 stars