In Silver Borne, we find Mercy strengthening her relationship with Adam, worrying about Samuel, and, as usual, fighting for her life.
The wolf pack never completely accepted Mercy as Adam’s mate, and in Bone Crossed, she finally accepted his pack magic into herself, and became pack. Here, in Silver Borne, Mercy has a bigger problem-she thinks someone in Adam’s pack might be helping the fae try to kill her! It all starts on their date. In the back of her head, Mercy keeps hearing a little voice telling her that the humans are afraid of Adam. It’s a very compelling voice that causes Mercy to “help” Adam by endangering a toddler so Adam can save her. Adam knows that Mercy threw the bowling ball on purpose, but he lets it go since the girl is safe. In the truck on the ride home Mercy realizes the voice A-wasn’t hers, and B-was pack.
Freaked out that someone is messing around in her head, Mercy doesn’t want to say anything to Adam until she can talk to Samuel…who gets stuck in wolf form due to some extenuating circumstances- I won’t spoil this one!
So now, Mercy has someone in her head, Sam stuck as a wolf, and meanwhile the fae are gunning for her!
The book from Bone Crossed (written about the fae by the fae) plays a big role in this one, but no one knows what role that might be. And a faerie queen makes an appearance and boy oh boy, they have to take her down! Big time bad black magic at work there! And through it all, Mercy is hiding Samuel’s “condition” from Bram-who of course knows anyway, I mean it’s Bram! But at one point, Samuel changes back to his human form to help out a woman from his past-Ariana-a fae woman with a death fear of werewolves…but who may be able to help Samuel stay human…that is a sort-of side story throughout…and I hope it has a happy ending…it seemed to, but you never know.
At the end, Bram shows up, straightens out some pack drama, helps Mercy find her pack connection and shows her how to use it. The only complaint I have about this book is that it ended a little too abruptly for my taste. I was left with a “well that was great, but is that it?” feeling. It was 5 stars, nonetheless, but I wish that there had been a bit more to the end. Oh! And Stefan! I wish we could see how his queen has been treating him since Bone Crossed.
On the whole, an excellent book, I have loved Mercy since the first book, even though I was reluctant to begin the book Moon Called, she immediately made me love her, and her men, and her friends. I feel like Mercy is the kind of girl I’d love to be; loyal, fun, strong, and still able to kick butt to anyone who threatens her friends. And now, 5 books later, I only love her more. I hope that Patricia Briggs speeds up her writing so we can see more in River Crossed.