Lucifer’s Daughter by Eve Langlais
4 1/2 out of 5 flames

Muriel, virgin daughter of Satan, has been saving herself for love with the perfect man while making her dad the laughingstock of hell. His incessant nagging gets on her nerves but it’s not easy finding the right guy. He can’t be 100% mortal or she’d likely crush him in the heat of the heat of the moment, he has to be super-hot and honestly not any old guy will accept Satan as a future father-in-law. She resigns herself to a future of longing and nagging . . .

Muriel no longer lives in hell under Satan’s thumb but in a realm populated by humans and supernaturals that is very much like the mortal realm only with things like the “Damned” network and Survivor: Burn In Hell. Sounds like a fun place to me! She owns a bar that is popular with the supernatural beasties because she is a “null” which makes the 100’ surrounding her a magic-free zone. One night, soon after another nagging visit from Satan, a hunk named Auric and his two gorgeous pals show up. She assumes Satan is testing her. But instead of wooing her, Auric is almost gruff as he demands to meet the owner of the bar. She refuses to answer him honestly, hell she’s been dodging assassins most of her life, but something about him fuels her lust as no other man has done. He’s hiding things as well but their connection is something neither can resist for long and once he kisses her he may just lose her virginity after all.

Though this story doesn’t hold any major surprises, especially when Auric’s secret is revealed, it was cute and pure sexy fun and so very easy to read. Muriel is funny and sarcastic and even though a virgin by choice, is not a prude. She can take care of herself but Auric, big He-man protector hasn’t a clue and assumes she’s a helpless little female. When he attempts to “save” her from a hellhound, not knowing she’s a daughter of Satan this fun exchange happens.

My heart fluttered. He’d called me pretty. He’d wanted to protect me. How cute–but so unnecessary.

“I appreciate the thought behind it, but really, I can take care of myself.”
“Even against hellhounds? he said skeptically.

“Piece of cake,” I boasted. That wasn’t, technically, giving anything away. Lots of special folk could take care of hellhounds.

“Just who and what are you?” asked Auric. His questions were getting repetitive.

I rolled my eyes. “I told you, my name is Muriel.”

Auric crossed his arms over his chest–did I mention he had a really broad chest?–and gave me a stern look.

Oh, please, once Satan gave you ‘the look,’ all other looks paled in comparison. I just glared right back at him ’til he signed with exasperation-another sound I was familiar with.

This story wraps everything up in a satisfying way but it could have been another 300 pages and I bet I would’ve enjoyed reading more because I loved the writing style so much. There aren’t a lot of writers I’ve found who can balance such strong sexual tension with a fun paranormal plot without their characters coming across as obnoxious or silly. This author succeeds for me and if these snippets make you grin you may want to check it out too.

Satan is hilarious as a frustrated daddy.
I don’t know why, but I’m attached to you, too,” Satan said grumpily, hugging me back. I cherished moments like that; they tended to be few and far between. “Try to be bad,” he said, before popping out of sight.”

And Muriel’s sense of humor just completely won me over.

Rolling my eyes, I again had to question why men had to be so stubborn. “Seriously, Auric, you do not want to mess with this thing.”

“I’ve dealt with demons before” he said, pulling out a sword from behind his kitchen counter. I had to admit to being impressed-his sword was long, shiny, and hard. Wait, that didn’t sound right. Needless to say, he had a big one; and judging by the way he moved it, he also knew how to use it. Damn, I was even hornier than before. But right after I finished admiring his sword, I clued in to what he’d said.
“What do you mean, you’ve dealt with demons before?”